Thursday, June 21, 2007

This Kid Has Music in Him Already.

Teddy as a Drummer:
Teddy as a Bassist:

Teddy as a Dancer/ Background Screamer... i mean Singer: I'm a little worried i'm gonna lose my drumming job if his parents keep putting those sticks in his hands... guess i better start practicing!


Neva said...

WOW...I bet his screaming....uhuhuhuh..I mean singing was VERY loud according to his face!!!! still very cute.

Tom said...

He's actually crying because we're forcing him to do the Macarena...he's on step 3 of the dance in the picture. He told us the Macarena was "so 1996". We made him do it anyway.

Avery said...

My mommy says that you should write a blog. And so does my brother, Boogie. He's a dinosaur... how cool is that?! Could you please write one, so that they can be distracted by it next time I do something naughty? I would really appreciate it.

Your loving puppy dog,

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to write a blog! That someone doesn't have a leg to stand on when it comes to comments about no blog writing!

Jessy said...

Dear Writer of Snewo divad (also known as my boyfriend),

Can we please get a mystery blogger? Seriously... I tried everything... I begged, I even went on an 'I'm not writing a blog until you do' protest. All that happened was that my readers started getting mad at me.

You're not living up to the writing requirements of this relationship.

and maybe poking a little fun at you,
but completely serious about this 'you need to write' thing,