Sunday, April 30, 2006

More On Sean.

After a full night to reflect on this situation, i decided that writing that blog was very theraputic. so i'm going to go ahead and write about the "let me drive your car home drunk" incident that i noted in the previous blog. But this was about a month ago... or so.... but i will try to recap things as accurate as possible.

So that weekend was the weekend that Steve was coming down to hang out/party. and i was excited about it. So we decided to go downtown with jon and throw some darts... cause darts is a fun and entertaining game while drinking at a bar. So steve and i call Jon and ask him to partake with us, and he agrees. But sean is home... and any chance to drink WITH people he jumps at the chance. So steve and i drive over to pick jon and sean up in my car. On the ride over there i warn steve about sean by saying something like, "Now sean can be cool, but he can also be a large asshole, please, for the love of god, do not fight him under any circumstance." and steve is baffled by this but he promises and we go and pick them up. So we go park and walk to the bar. We get there and play darts for a good 3-4 hours, all the while drinking and having a great time. Sean was awesome, being cool, hanging out playing darts. It was an awesome night.

So once last call comes, we start walking back to my car. so once we get close to the car, i say "we should get McDonald's" to buy me some more time getting a ride. so sean and jon go into mcy d's to get some food while steve and i wait outside. All the while i'm calling cab companies around the blacksburg area for a ride cause i know that none of us are decent enough to drive. No avail... i get answering machines. so i apologize to steve and ask him if he's cool walking home. he's more than happy with that, cause let's face it, we're drunk.... it's not going to hurt as much as a sober walk. after which steve begins to tell me that my assesment of sean is all wrong, because he was being cool all night and showed no sign of douchebaggery. that's when sean and jon come out of the mcy d's with yummy delicious goodies. I regretfully inform them that none of the cab companies or friends of mine are answering their phones for a ride home. Which means we're gonna have to walk. this is the point in the story where sean doesn't get his way and flips out.

Sean: I can drive, give me the keys and let's go home.
Jeff: Dude, we've been drinking in a bar for 4 hours, no one is good enough to drive.
Sean: I'm good, let me drive.
Jeff: No, you're not driving my car drunk. i've called all the cab companies in the area and can't get an answer, we're gonna have to walk.
Sean: Fuck you give me your keys or i'll beat your ass.
(this does not make steve happy)
Jeff: I'm sorry for stranding you downtown, but it's not that bad of a walk, steve and i are walking home.
Sean: If you leave me here, i'm never going downtown with you again.
Jeff: steve and i are walking home... bye.

Steve and i start walking and he starts yelling "i'm going to kick your ass" and so i'm holding steve back and walking away from sean cause i want nothing to do with a drunken fight at mcy d's. and steve remembered his promise and walked away with me.

For the next 10 minutes steve and i are walking at a feverish pace cause our adrenaline was running and we were just talking about how much of an ass sean was.

Steve: I now see what you mean about sean. I'm sorry i didn't see it before.
Jeff: i tried to warn you.

So after 10 minutes of sean bashing, we hear loud footsteps behind us and turn to find Jon running to catch up with us. No Sean. Jon proceeds to tell us how pissed off sean was and that he was calling his friends to come pick him up and how he didn't want to wait around with him. Jon ran at least a half a mile to catch up with us. So we walk the rest of the way home. once i get home sean ims me with "If you ever leave me stranded downtown again, i'll kill you." I do not respond to this. After that sean puts a jeff bashing away message on his screen name and does whatever he does at his apartment.

This was the final shebang for me and sean. i could handle being around him in the past cause most of the time he was fine. But after this incident, i never wanted to be around him again. cause up until that point, he had gotten in a fight at my 21st birthday party, which i forgave him for in my mind cause he was drunk, and sometimes those things happen. but had i known this was going to be a pattern, i would've cut it off immediately.

So after the car incident, i never wanted to be around him, and from reports from jon, he could not understand why i don't ever hang around anymore. even after jon repeats to him "because you tried to fight him to drive his car home drunk."

And that's pretty much everything about sean that you need to know. I don't ever intend on seeing him again, and i hope to god i don't. Cause people who try to start fights have no place in my life. Anyone who knows me and my stance on fights, i say "Fuck Fights."

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

What A Night.

So the night started out great. Wesley came over and we had dinner at the BK Lounge and watched a little bit of a movie. She then decided that since she had been up since 6 this morning that she'd run home and get some sleep. I was fine with that. So i take her to her car (which was parked at jon's apartment cause Collegiate Suites visitor parking was full). And since i'm right next to jon's i figured i'd go in and see what he and Larissa were up to. They were watching Goodfellas. So i decided to join them.

Once the movie was over, i tried to play jon's Xbox360... Call to Duty 2 is hard. i'm no good at it. So i quit and as i'm handing up the controller, jon's roomate sean calls him and tells him that he's on the way home from the bar. This is my que to leave. Most of you know i'm not a big sean fan. Never really have been. And since he had been drinking, i figure it's better for me to just avoid him like the plague... like i've been doing since the "let me drive your car home drunk" incident. If you want to hear about said incident, just ask me, it's a lot easier just to tell you. I comment on some of my other qualms with him in my boston trip entry. (its in the sunday paragraph).

Anyways, i make it home, and about 5 minutes later, i get an im from Sean.... which quickly turns into a "come say that to my face and i'll kick your ass" thing, cause that's what he does. Now i admit that some of the things i said were purposely said to get under his skin, because if he is gonna instigate something with me, and and get under my skin, i should have the same right.... right? Well having cooled down and thought about it for a bit, i realize that i was acting childish in participating in this conversation at all... cause all it's doing is pissing me off, and obviously pissing him off... and once i got pissed, i just started saying things that i shouldn't have... Now you're thinking i said some messed up shit just to piss him off. That's not what i'm refering to... anything i said is the truth in how i see him. the things i shouldn't have said involve jon... and get jon into trouble with sean. and because he has to live with him, all of sean's anger gets spilled onto jon's plate.... not mine. So i feel really bad about doing that, but it really pissed sean off so i guess it's bittersweet.

So before you read this conversation, it's important to note that this is the full extent of the conversation. i didn't cut off anything from the beginning of the conversation. He started with "Sean: the fact that you're scared of me is hilarious"

Convo (screen name changed to protect his aim identity).

After spending about 2 hours to write this, i also wanted to remind you that this is the same sean that got in a fight at my 21st birthday party and wanted to beat up everyone at the party afterwards.

Hopefully this will be the last contact ever with him. 'Cause as Senora Byers says: "life's to short to hang out with assholes."

Friday, April 28, 2006

Bill Nye The Science Guy.

As i was watching tv tonight, i stumbled across Bill Nye the Science Guy. An old show i used to watch back in the day. And let me tell you, i still like watching this show. It's funny, entertaining, and educational. Maybe it's one of those nostalgic things for me, because i basically know everything that they're talking about. the episode tonight was about inventions. Either accidental, or on purpose. Anyways, bill nye rules.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

My Phone.

I love my phone. People say to me "why didn't you answer your phone?" all the time. The answer is: because it didn't ring.

If my phone rings, and i hear/feel it, i'll answer. but if i'm in my room, there's probably a 15-20% chance that my phone won't even ring. It'll ring on your end, and it'll even go to voicemail. but it won't ring. It won't even know someone has called.

If you leave a voicemail, sometimes it'll beep at me saying i have a voicemail, but i have no clue when it was left due to there being no missed calls, or it never ringing.

Back when i was in a relationship, this caused a lot of problems cause she would think that i was avoiding her and not want to answer. I just hope people who call me and i don't answer realize this as what's happening. If you call me, and i don't answer... it's cause my phone isn't ringing, or i just can't hear it or feel it. and in this case, i'll see the missed call and probably call you back.... if i like you. And i like most people who have my number.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Females. They're a different species. We all know this... women are from venus, men are from mars. and Mars being the most inhabitable planet next to earth, i'd say men are better, but i'm kinda biased. Anyways, i didn't come here to pick a fight. I came here to examine something i've come to notice about girls/women in general. Some girls more than others... but generally speaking, universal.

Girls hate each other.

They can pretend all they want, they hate each other.

There's a song that's popular now, it's even in a commercial on tv. It goes "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" Yes. i do. if i had a girlfriend. but i don't. This is a prime example of how they hate each other. Cause since this song has come out... i know every single girl (and some taken ones too) have at least thought that about some boy or another. you know why? cause they hate each other. And nothing says hate like seduction of a taken man.

"I know you like me (I know you like me)
I know you do (I know you do)
That's why whenever I come around
She's all over you
And I know you want it (I know you want it)
It's easy to see (it's easy to see)
And in the back of your mind
I know you should be on with me

Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me
Don't you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me
Don't you wish your girlfriend was raw like me
Don't you wish your girlfriend was fun like me "

A little arrogant too isn't it? Men compete for women on a more civilized manner. You both battle it out, and whoever wins, that's who wins... none of this secret sniper action. If the girl picks you, you win. that's the end of it.

As most of you women are reading this i can already tell what you're thinking.
"Girls are not a prize won by man."
Yes they are. if you think not, consider this.... Why do you think sports stars and movie stars marry supermodels? cause they're soul mates? i think not.

You might also be thinking, "I do not hate other women."
Well, you might not now, but you did. and you have. and you probably still do. you're just lying to yourself.

And my final point.... any women who are still unconvinced, let me ask you a question.... what exactly was your first thought about the pretty girl at the top of this article?

That's what i thought.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Norah Jones.

As i'm sitting here "thumbing" through Norah Jones' website... i've come to one conclusion. I Love Norah Jones.

I 've been saying it for a while... but seriously, i could listen to her music all day. everyday. and not even care... in fact, whenever one of her songs comes on random on my ipod or winamp, i usually start from the beginning and play all the music i have of hers. (which is just her 2 albums and a live version of "Don't know why" from her Leno performance.) I mean i feel all warm and fuzzy when i listen to her music. If i'm feeling angry or upset for any reason, i can put her on the winamp, and i'll just zone out and end up feeling better.

I have 2 ways to get out of a bad mood funk... playing my guitar, and norah jones.... and sometime when girls dressed up as batman yell into my window at 3am and scare the shit outta me does it too... but i don't have a team of batman-dressing-up-women on call for when i'm in a bad mood, so i can always rely on norah jones and/or my guitar.

Not to mention how fun it is to play the melodies that she sings on the guitar as a solo... that's fun... i think i'll do that now... yeah... i'll do that now.

Friday, April 21, 2006


Should i be embarrassed that my Mom's blog has a higher readership/commentship than mine?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I went to Boston on Saturday. It was fantastic. I mean probably one of the best weekends i've had probably since being in vegas. Let me elaborate.

Thursday, 2 days till the show:
Jon, myself and Sean the douchebag drive home and i read The Da Vinci Code in the backseat with my ipod playing Norah Jones and Regan so i don't have to listen to anything Sean has to say. But i was in my own little world for 4 hours on the road reading my book. Once i got home, i directly went to the best place in the world... Chipotle. And it was fantastic. Exquisite. Then i basically watched tv the rest of the night.

Friday, 1 day till the show:
I wake up at around 1:30ish, hit the shower and walk downstairs to an empty house. My parents have gone to WV for Easter weekend. So i call up 15-20 friends for an all out party. We went and got a keg, and got hammered and decided to drive around town for a bit... just kidding people, i sat and watched tv all day. with yet another trip to chipotle because let's face it people, i was only going to be in town the rest of the day so i gotta get my fill while i can. Later on Mike comes by and we make some loud and abusive tunes for an hour or two... who knows. But we hung out and i taught him the Time solo again to refresh his memory. But after my fingers about wanted to fall off from bending strings we head upstairs and watch some tv. He's gotta work at 6:30 tomorrow, and i have to leave for boston at 6 tomorrow. So he heads out and i finally make it to bed. I also tell him to call me at 5:30 cause i need a team of experts to get me outta bed.

Saturday, BOSTON BABY!:
5 freaking 30. i roll outta bed and directly into the shower. This helps me wake up. By the end of the shower, i'm trying to control my excitement, but failing miserably. So i hop out, get dressed and get my things in order. Jon shows up and he is driving the first leg... this is the shock of the century cause jon never volunteers to drive. so i accept. We head straight to 7-11 for munchies and energy drinks. Tall boy amp. greatest creation ever. So we head towards 66 and it's raining. "This is not good," I thought to myself. Then we turn onto 66 and the clouds part and the sun comes out... Traffic parts, and we cruise toward boston with no traffic to slow us down... Lucky break we thought.... then about 2 hours later, still no traffic. 2 hours later... nothing. by this time it's my turn to drive and we're almost outta NJ. So we get breakfast and switch. No traffic. Magically, we make it to boston at 2:30. (By the way, GPS navigation systems make trips to places you've never been almost painless. Brilliant. better creation than tall boy amps.) We check into our hotel and head up to the room. The room is beautiful. 2 double beds, and they have like 4 throw pillows. (the more throw pillows, the better the hotel. trust me, it's the truth.) Jon takes a shower and we head off to get some food and some alcohol before the show at a local sports bar. We get in there at like 4, and get a table... This sports bar rules. A TV at every table. You can even pick what sporting event you wanna watch. awesome. So we sit down and order a celebratory Jager bomb. (not a good idea before dinner by the way.) But we get food, and we get more drinks. We drink until 6:30 and then head to the stadium which was just across the street from the bar.
So for the 1st show we were in the 4th row. we were closer than i thought we would be. These seats were freaking amazing. You might even see us on the hbo special laughing our asses off so hard that we were crying. Seriously. I'm wearing an orange shirt, you can't miss me if they put it in there. Come on HBO editors! Dane put on an incredible show. My face hurt when we left the first show.
So we leave the first show and try to get a drink before the 2nd show. but the bar is full. 1 in, 1 out. same with all the other places near the stadium. so we headed back to the stadium to get into the second show. It takes us forever to get into the stadium again... which is ok cause it started 45 minutes late. It gave us enough time to get some nachos and a coke, cause you have to be 25 or older if you have an out of state ID in the stadium to get beer. shitty rule, but we didn't care too much. So for the second show we were in the balcony, with a pretty decent view of the stage. Jon and i both agree that his second show was better... because by the end, my chest, mouth, jaw, and abs all hurt from laughing at basically the same jokes. He told the same stories, but with minor differences to keep them interesting enough. Plus, they were funny as shit so you can't help but laugh again.

After the show, we file out and go to a bar called "Boston's Greatest Bar." we go here cause we saw a billboard going into the show that said they had 3 bars and 4 floors, so there's no way it's gonna be full. We walk into this place, and let me tell you, it's not boston's greatest bar, i don't konw which one is, but i'm positive this one isn't it. It was blasting loud dance music, and had those lights that dance clubs have, but NO ONE was dancing. granted, there were a lot of girls, but it was loud and there were a lot of boston douchebags running around. so jon and i go up to the top floor and order a drink, but by the time we do that, it's 2 and the bar was closing, so we finished our drinks and decided to head back to the hotel.

We get back to the hotel and go directly to bed... HEAVEN. This bed is the most comfortable bed i've ever slept in. The sheets were 23,567 count sheets, there was a down comforter, and the pillows were heavenly. Jon and i didn't want to go to sleep cause the bed felt so comfortable. i mean it was the weirdest feeling in the world. Have you ever been in bed, but not wanted to go to sleep because the bed was TOO comfortable? i mean seriously folks... crazy.

Sunday, 1 day after the show:
So we get up at 10:00 and decide to enjoy the bed a little more while we watched some ESPN. We stroll outta bed around 10:30 and hit the road. The trip home had a little more traffic than on the way home, but we only stopped the car on the highway once, and that was in NY. And it was only like 3 or 4 minutes. we moved slowly, but we were moving. We make it to NOVA at around 6:30 if i remember correctly to pick up Sean. and once he gets into the car, it's IPOD and book time again. So i read the next 4 hours while he drove us back to the burg. and let me tell you... you know those people on the road that will tailgate someone and flash their lights to get them to move outta their way on the highway? Yeah that's Sean. He's a horrible driver and while i was trying to read in the back, every 3-4 minutes, he'd jerk the wheel during a turn and slightly startle me cause i'm paying attention to my book in my lap. ALL 4 HOURS OF THE TRIP. I mean, i'm not a confretational guy, so i didn't say anything, but i'm never riding with him ever again. i don't care what the circumstances are. I'll drive. Or walk. He is a horrible driver and that was the last time i ever want to see him again.

Well I finished my book on the trip and so i just listened to my ipod the next 20 minutes of the trip until i got into my apartment.

That's my story. I hope you enjoyed it.

I purposely avoided describing the actual show because it'll be an HBO special sometime and you all can see it for yourselves in the future. but if you wanna hear more about it just ask me.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Thank you Justin.

Justin came up with a brilliant idea. Play 10 songs on random on your ipod, and comment. Instant blog entry. So.... 10 songs on random on my ipod without fast forwarding..... GO!

1.) Phish - Golgi Apparatus
What a great idea for a song. Off of Junta, their first album... probably their weirdest album... which is weird because most bands start off with a calmer approach to their music and expand outward. But this album is all over the map. Not saying i don't like it, but seriously... only down part to this album is the 25 minute song of just nonsense called "union federal." what a load of crap. but the song contact totally saves it.
"I look into the finance box just to check my status. I look into the microscope and see Golgi Apparatus"

2.) Ari Hest - Consistency
Live version. All of Ari's songs go through transitions but this is an older version from 2002. This song has an added verse and new bridge since the new album came out. not as good as the origional version. This is a full band version though with the old bassist. He ruled... i can't remember his name. But he looked like high tower from the police academy movies with bob marley dreadlocks. always played barefoot, and always danced around... freaking awesome. and a baddass bassist ta boot. OH.... bass solo... i forgot about this. man... i miss old ari hest. I think there's a video online of the big guy dancing around sometime. Oh man, this version has the new verse, but not the new bridge, awesome. cause the new bridge is what sucks, and i'm just remembering that now. I bet this is gonna be hard to read. sorry about the constant change in thoughts... now onto the next song.

3.) Brothers Creegan - Scotch and Soda
This is from a live album i downloaded, i'm not too familiar with this song. But BC live rules. 3 really talented musicians playing a jazz/rock/weird music mix. kinda hard to explain them if you don't know anything about them. other than the fact that they both used to be in the barenaked ladies. After listening to this song halfway through... i like it. i'll probably listen to it the next time i hear it. I'm not expecting any of my favorites to come up next... since i have 3214 songs. but here we go...

4.) Goo Goo Dolls - Think About Me
From their live in buffalo album. These guys are pretty good, i'm not sure i like them as much live as i do in the studio, the lead singer changes the melody of the songs way to much to even recognize them. I mean some improv is alright but he doesn't even stay close to what is on the album. and with a band i don't love with all my heart, i kinda wanna hear the melodies of your song the way they should be sung. The best improv'er that i've heard and liked is Jason Mraz, he'll take one of his songs and make it a brand new song, and it'll rule. Just listen to "absolutely zero" on the album and the live album, and you'll understand what i mean. This GGD song is forgetable. thank god it's over.

5.) Paul Thorn - Ain't Love Strange
YES! I love this song. you should too.
"Down at Donnie's strip club, they all know my name, I can't get a woman so i sit down by the stage. I think Heather really likes me, she wiggles in my face, takes my forty dollars, turns and walks away. Ain't love strange."
Brilliant paul thorn. My new favorite songwriter. He has such a new approach to songwriting. I could write all day about why paul thorn rules. and one of the reasons is "I guess i'll just stay married." if you don't know what i'm talking about... please contact me, i'll introduce you to paul thorn the right way.

6.) Junior Brown - They Don't Chose to Live That Way
It's the southern old school country version of "we are the world." only it's just junior brown. no michal jackson, no lionel ritchie, no bruce springsteen. For those of you who don't know who junior brown is, he sang that old country song "highway patrol." I can't help but think about pawpaw when he comes on, cause he was a highway patrolman. or was he a state policeman? someone in my family will surely know. please comment and straighten me out.

7.) Paul Thorn - Lover's Vacation
i love paul thorn. This song is about him and his wife taking a weekend vacation together. Such a good love song with a great groove. one of those uplifting songs that you hear on the radio and you roll down your windows and just smile. Since i'm not in my car, i'll open my room window, turn the fan on. and i'll smile. I'm just gonna enjoy the rest of this song until the end. see ya soon.

8.) BNL - Tonight's Show
This is from Rick's Living Room. In between songs. this is a radio show taht they did back in 96 in some guy's living room. i think his name was rick. Not really a song. just mid song. funny.

9.) Brothers Creeggan - Whole Lotta Covers
Same show as before, this is a medly of different covers. 6 minutes worth. pretty funny. Jimi hendrix, scuse me while i kiss the sky. The next song is some rolling stones song. now they're singing paul simon's "diamonds on the sole of her shoes." These guys just pulled 3 part harmony outta nowhere. Awesome. didn't recognize that last song. (thanks pat... jerk.)

10.) Indigo Girls - Power of Two
From the 1200 Curfews live album. It's a radio interview of just the two of them. definitely my favorite song of theirs. This is the song that got me to like these girls. Not to mention that my friend nora beat them into me. Coincidence that she is gay? who knows, but i don't really care, cause i love nora and need to see her cause it's been seriously years.But anyways, indigo girls.... they really have the two part harmony down to an art. they really know how to bring out the best in a song.

Anyways, that's my 10 random. 2 paul thorns, 2 BC's, and indigo girls in a pear tree.


11.) Justin - Peeping Tom
HAHAHAHAHA. This song rules. off his 3rd album Good as Wood.

"So won't you please stare at me so i feel normal?"

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Chipotle and Me.

I like guacamole. no. i don't... i mean... i love guacamole. Anyone who has seen what i eat and what i have eaten in my career as a person knows, that i am usually not too open to suggestions when it comes to my food. granted i've been more "daring" these past 2 or so years. Then came along this little place known as the chipotle.

I didn't even like chipotle the first time i went there... ask cheryl... it's true... i was not all about it. And since that first burrito a lot has changed in my chipotle order. i will now outline my burrito lineage in chronological order.

1st favorite:
Extra Corn
::When i first went there, these were the only toppings that i knew i liked, so that's all i got on it. I tried all the selections of meat they have and i still like the chicken the best. I ate this burrito for a long time until one fateful day::

2nd variation:
::This particular day, i was in one of those "i'm a badass, i'm gonna try something green on my burrito. I'm not scared. Bring on the green." And so i did. "What is this heaven in my mouth?" Seriously, love at first taste. I will never go back. Now that i had tasted the glorious sauce of the heavens, i was feeling cocky about my burrito future::

3rd Variation:
Pinto Beans
::We're getting there. Beans were a good addition. I don't even like beans. never liked the texture. But these beans don't have that unusually hard skin that most beans have that i can't stand. they "melt' into the burrito with flawless consistency::

Final Variation:
Sour Cream
::I still don't know what sour cream tastes like but it's gotta be good cause it makes the burrito a lot better. Now some of you might notice that i put cheese in this burrito but none of the others. On my first staple burrito, the cheese overpowered the corn and the chicken. It doesn't on this burrito... cause each ingredient is like an equal and opposite member of the burrito family. Check Newton's 3rd law... i'll just say it here, no need to google it cause i am not making this up in any shape or fashion. "For every action there is an equal and opposite member of the burrito family that should be inside of a chipotle burrito." seriously... newton was a genius::

Which brings me to my next point. Don't smoke crack.

Sorry i had to... anyways... the reason that i tell you people this is for one reason. My ingenious plan for a new food. Seeing as how i love guacamole and burgers so much... why not mix the two and get a meal fit for kings. The Jeff Owens Guac Burger. Sounds great eh?

I recently went to the Red Robin that had opened up in christiansburg. While looking through the glorious menu i came across the most beautiful two words i've ever seen. "Guacamole Burger." THEY STOLE MY IDEA!!!! and by stole i mean came up with it first while i never recognized it. I odered this burger with no onions cause onions are the devil's favorite snack. it's a fact... just ask him. This was the greatest idea in burgers ever. my suspicion was right on the money. It totally works. I've ordered it every time i've been back. I can't NOT get it. While looking through the menu i saw the same burger but with chicken... i will try that one sometime soon. cause it's sounds delicious. That is all for now class. Anyone near a chipotle that wants to bring me one right now, i'd greatly appreciate it. You have my order.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


I'm done blogging for today.

That's all.

Yay Guster.

I am writing this directly after the previous post, but it's a different topic that i want to get on "paper."

Guster has a new album coming out. They have had a new album coming out for 3 freaking years. remember my last article about it?

Well now Guster is slowly releasing material, and it's getting me so excited. I try not to get too excited about it cause it's just like torture... kinda like if you mention chipotle around me when i'm in blacksburg that i want to stab you in the jaw? Same feelings. But from the new material that they are releasing, i can't sit still about it... i gotta show everyone... and express my sheer and utter excitement for the rest of this album.

First go Here to listen to 2 of their new songs. One Man Wrecking Crew, and Manifest Destiny.
MD is freaking awesome... i'm in love with it already. OMWC is pretty good, i'm not as excited about it... but i'm still excited about there being new material.

The second place to go is here. There is going to be a documentary that shows video of them making this album... this is the coolest idea ever... Metallica did it once, and even though i'm not a huge metallica fan, being able to SEE what goes on when making an album is probably the best idea in the idea of documentaries. Anyways, these are the "trailers" to the documentary. it's called Joe's Place. I have guster's webpage as my homepage so i'm looking at their website 30-40 times a day... even if i'm just opening up my web-browser for something else. And if you're either of my brothers, you're surely the first to know when something is updated cause i usually say something to the effect of "guster has a new road journal"... or "check out the new joe's place videos"

My favorite promo is "all hands up." watching this 30 second clip of the song "Empire State" gives me the chills... This i would normally not say... but Tom said the same thing to me the other day, so i'm glad someone else gets similar feelings when they hear 30 seconds of a song.

"multi-tasking" is hilarious... didn't see that coming at all.

Yay Guster.

Damn them for taking so damn long.

Have a nice day.

Old TV.

Maybe it's just me... but i freaking love all the old shows that i used to watch as a kid. I will now compile a list of shows that i still watch almost anytime they're on tv.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air- Who doesn't know the words to his theme song by heart? seriously. I've seen probably every episode of this show... maybe with a few exceptions, but i've seen a large amount. Nick at Night is now playing this... and it makes me feel like i'm getting old, cause when i was a kid, nick at night had i love lucy, and dick van dyke. now it's FPoBA. anyways... One of my favorite episodes is when Will and Carlton have to dance to win back money (Apache dance). Anyone who's been with me when i hear this song knows, i will do this dance no matter the situation. Steve's usually my partner in crime in completing the routine. Another episode: Carlton has a gambling problem. i think these two might actually be the same episode, but i'm not positive. They're different in my mind. "chillin out maxin' and relaxin' all cool..."

Home Improvement - The old favorite that Pawpaw used to love. Now i can't get enough of it. even in the later years when the middle sarcastic brother left the show and the younger son turned goth. This show still manages to make me laugh out loud. You could also call this show "Tool Time" and no one would know the difference... one of my favorite running jokes on the show is that everytime tim walks down the stairs of his basement he hits his head on that pipe. it doesn't happen every episode, but i can't help but bust out laughing when it does... key episode: Tim destroys Jill's car with a half ton beam.

Full House - This one i'm a little embarrased that i still watch... but can you blame me? I mean dave coulier rules... this is my brady bunch.... since i never really watched the brady bunch. The whole backstory of this show is one of the reasons that makes this show so interesting for me... think about it... a house with 3 adult males, raising 3 female children. could this be any more awkward? But they pull it off. Jessie might be a rocker... but he has a heart of gold... and we love him for it. It's funny that in the show they tried as often as possible to let jessie sing in the show, trying to boost John Stamos' music career. good job there producers. Jeff 1, Stamos 0. John Stamos married Rebecca Romijn. Jeff 1, Stamos 5,000. Touché Stamos, i bow down to thee.

America's Funniest Home Videos - This one isn't a sitcom like the previous shows, but this show still cracks me up. Granted, i can't watch the version with bob sagat as the host, i'm talking about the daisy fuentes version and that new guy who does it now... tom or something. Anytime there's a "30 face hits in 35 seconds" montage, i usually end up on the floor crying cause i'm laughing so hard. "25 hits to the crotch in 22 seconds." you get the drift. in fact.... check it... totally amazing.

Simpsons - This show rules. i don't even need to explain this. not to mention that it's been on the air for like 70 years.

Seinfeld - once again... another i don't even have to discuss.

Family Matters - this one to a lesser degree, i've seen a couple episodes in the past couple months... i'll only watch this if nothing else is on.

Knight Rider - This one isn't on as much, but when it comes on, chances are that i'll watch it... especially when i'm at home and it's HDTV. K.I.T.T. in HD... i love it.

Saved by the Bell - I really wish this show was on tv more... i'd SO watch it. tiffany amber theissen in high school... such a great reminder of what life used to be like.

I think that's it for now... unless i think of something else...

Side note: I'm interested about how much this list is different for my different brothers... seeing as we're 3 years apart from each other... any of you non-22 year old people feel free to comment.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I was strolling through the mall the other day, buying some pizza at Genarro's (which has better pizza than tony's.... i hate to say it... you hate to read it... but prove me wrong). Anyways, after lunch with jon, i decided i'd like to go into the Aeropostale. Those of you who don't recognize this name... just think american eagle, abercrobie and bitch, old navy... but this place actually has some good deals at times... (i.e. hoodies for $10, jeans for $15). Anyways, i walked into this store, and was greeted immediately by a very attractive female salesperson. This is how i remember the conversation going....

AeroPostaleSalesperson: "How are you today, can i help you find something."
Jeff: "I'm excellent, i'm looking for some jeans that are on sale."
APS: "Check these boot cut jeans, they're on sale this week."
Jeff: "These jeans have holes in them."
APS: "I know, that's the style nowadays."
Jeff: "Yeah, but they have holes in them."
APS: "They're on sale."
Jeff: "But they have holes in them."
APS: "Is there anything else i can help you find?"
Jeff: "Do you have any jeans that DON'T have any holes in them?"
APS: "I don't think so... let me check."
(couple minutes she returns from the back)
APS: "I'm sorry, all we have are jeans with holes in them."
Jeff: "Looks like i'm going to Sears."

I didn't actually say that sears line... I think i just walked out. you'll have to ask jon, i can't remember... i know i was shocked to the fact that a store was selling only jeans with holes in them. (Now i didn't go into the American Eagle that's right across from Aeropostale, but i figure since AE usually costs an arm and a leg, that there's no point in trying.) Now, who would of thought that someone would pay money for incomplete denim pants. Certainly not someone who knew there was going to be holes in their pants...

Which brings me to my next point. I own a pair of Jeans with holes in them.

I bought them.

On purpose.

But... to my defense.... they were folded... and i didn't unfold them. cause i assumed that jeans don't have pre-made holes. my mistake. I'm the idiot who didn't look over these jeans before i paid for them. But, to my ignorance, just to spite my horrible purchase, i've heard from a couple parties that the jeans look good, holes and all... so i guess i'm not opposed to them as much as i thought, cause i still wear them.

P.S. I'm still NEVER buying jeans with holes on purpose.