Sunday, April 30, 2006

What A Night.

So the night started out great. Wesley came over and we had dinner at the BK Lounge and watched a little bit of a movie. She then decided that since she had been up since 6 this morning that she'd run home and get some sleep. I was fine with that. So i take her to her car (which was parked at jon's apartment cause Collegiate Suites visitor parking was full). And since i'm right next to jon's i figured i'd go in and see what he and Larissa were up to. They were watching Goodfellas. So i decided to join them.

Once the movie was over, i tried to play jon's Xbox360... Call to Duty 2 is hard. i'm no good at it. So i quit and as i'm handing up the controller, jon's roomate sean calls him and tells him that he's on the way home from the bar. This is my que to leave. Most of you know i'm not a big sean fan. Never really have been. And since he had been drinking, i figure it's better for me to just avoid him like the plague... like i've been doing since the "let me drive your car home drunk" incident. If you want to hear about said incident, just ask me, it's a lot easier just to tell you. I comment on some of my other qualms with him in my boston trip entry. (its in the sunday paragraph).

Anyways, i make it home, and about 5 minutes later, i get an im from Sean.... which quickly turns into a "come say that to my face and i'll kick your ass" thing, cause that's what he does. Now i admit that some of the things i said were purposely said to get under his skin, because if he is gonna instigate something with me, and and get under my skin, i should have the same right.... right? Well having cooled down and thought about it for a bit, i realize that i was acting childish in participating in this conversation at all... cause all it's doing is pissing me off, and obviously pissing him off... and once i got pissed, i just started saying things that i shouldn't have... Now you're thinking i said some messed up shit just to piss him off. That's not what i'm refering to... anything i said is the truth in how i see him. the things i shouldn't have said involve jon... and get jon into trouble with sean. and because he has to live with him, all of sean's anger gets spilled onto jon's plate.... not mine. So i feel really bad about doing that, but it really pissed sean off so i guess it's bittersweet.

So before you read this conversation, it's important to note that this is the full extent of the conversation. i didn't cut off anything from the beginning of the conversation. He started with "Sean: the fact that you're scared of me is hilarious"

Convo (screen name changed to protect his aim identity).

After spending about 2 hours to write this, i also wanted to remind you that this is the same sean that got in a fight at my 21st birthday party and wanted to beat up everyone at the party afterwards.

Hopefully this will be the last contact ever with him. 'Cause as Senora Byers says: "life's to short to hang out with assholes."


neva said...

you do know better than to argue with a drunk, right? cause you NEVER win against a drunk because they are DRUNK!!!best to just smile and say up yours under your breath and go about your business ...which is what it sounds like you were trying to do....but you don't need my seem to have it under rivalry between us cause I am usually a 150 158 bowler and last I checked...176.8 beats that every time....I was just hoping you were impressed that the bowling gods were being good to me in front of the 16 year olds ... usually doesn't happen that way....usually one bowls like crap when one wants to show off and show off I did and I admit I was pretty happy about it...haven't bowled well since...a crappy time in the league....hey, but have you ever seen my bobble head bowling trophy? it is quite the thing

Grumpy Ump said...

The best response to a bad response is .....

No response.

Sean needs help. Professional help.

You can not speak logic or common sense to alcoholics. One trait of an alcoholic is that they are very very self centered and no one can tell them what to do. They think they are always right.

Happiness does not come in a bottle. Happiness comes from friendships.

It is sad; He will go thru his life thinking that everyone is against him. The next time you see him.. if you do, just smile at him, don't give him the satisfaction of an argument that you can not win. An argument is a fight and you can not win. ( even though you are the winner. )

And Sean, if you read this, People are not afraid of alcoholics, they feel sad you. Get help!

Jeff said...

well neva, i'm down for some friendly/family competition... but i make no guaruntees.

neva said...

THe next time we are together I am bringing the bowling bowl and we will have some fun.....I can only hope the bowling gods will smile kindly on me when I am trying to show off in front of the nephew....:)

MotherOf3Guys said...

That Sean better leave my baby one messes with mine! It shows good sense to avoid never solves anything. There seems to be a recurring theme that Sean is a drunk AND a Bully.

Jeff said...

...and a douchebag.