Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I was strolling through the mall the other day, buying some pizza at Genarro's (which has better pizza than tony's.... i hate to say it... you hate to read it... but prove me wrong). Anyways, after lunch with jon, i decided i'd like to go into the Aeropostale. Those of you who don't recognize this name... just think american eagle, abercrobie and bitch, old navy... but this place actually has some good deals at times... (i.e. hoodies for $10, jeans for $15). Anyways, i walked into this store, and was greeted immediately by a very attractive female salesperson. This is how i remember the conversation going....

AeroPostaleSalesperson: "How are you today, can i help you find something."
Jeff: "I'm excellent, i'm looking for some jeans that are on sale."
APS: "Check these boot cut jeans, they're on sale this week."
Jeff: "These jeans have holes in them."
APS: "I know, that's the style nowadays."
Jeff: "Yeah, but they have holes in them."
APS: "They're on sale."
Jeff: "But they have holes in them."
APS: "Is there anything else i can help you find?"
Jeff: "Do you have any jeans that DON'T have any holes in them?"
APS: "I don't think so... let me check."
(couple minutes she returns from the back)
APS: "I'm sorry, all we have are jeans with holes in them."
Jeff: "Looks like i'm going to Sears."

I didn't actually say that sears line... I think i just walked out. you'll have to ask jon, i can't remember... i know i was shocked to the fact that a store was selling only jeans with holes in them. (Now i didn't go into the American Eagle that's right across from Aeropostale, but i figure since AE usually costs an arm and a leg, that there's no point in trying.) Now, who would of thought that someone would pay money for incomplete denim pants. Certainly not someone who knew there was going to be holes in their pants...

Which brings me to my next point. I own a pair of Jeans with holes in them.

I bought them.

On purpose.

But... to my defense.... they were folded... and i didn't unfold them. cause i assumed that jeans don't have pre-made holes. my mistake. I'm the idiot who didn't look over these jeans before i paid for them. But, to my ignorance, just to spite my horrible purchase, i've heard from a couple parties that the jeans look good, holes and all... so i guess i'm not opposed to them as much as i thought, cause i still wear them.

P.S. I'm still NEVER buying jeans with holes on purpose.


MotherOf3Guys said...

Well, Like mother, like son, I hate holey jeans too!

Grumpy Ump said...

The manufacturers are making up for all those jeans they made years ago. remember those jeans that had enough material in them to make at 3 pair. The real baggy ones?

Justin said...

All my boxer shorts come with holes in them.

Jerry said...

Pizza better than Tony's, unless you were in NYC, don't speak such blasphemy.

Jeff said...

Come on down here and i'll prove you wrong jerry.... that goes for any of you.

Mamaw said...

when Papaw's jeans got too holey to stay on his legs, he cut them off and used them for shorts for a few modre years. His backside was barley covered by his holey underwear. I once tried to throw out a pair that I that I thought were beyond any comfort. Did that only once!!!!

Jessy said...

Awwwwwwww I'm the party from your pants story! YAY! Jeff + pants (with holes)+ the one shirt you have to iron= hot!

.... but you did say that you would QUIT cheating on me as of Monday, and you most definitely (as per this Wednesday blog) are still looking at OTHER women when you're NOT allowed to! First Cold Stone girl, then... Aeropostale Chick... what next?!

We're breaking up.

<3 Jessy

P.S. Just kidding, I love you Jeffie!

v-ball girl said...

i love jeans with holes