Tuesday, March 14, 2006


So USA decided to make a "made for tv movie." I have no problems with that. Tv stations make lots of made for tv movies. But the people at USA really hit the jackpot with their latest, The Cutting Edge 2. I can just see some guy pitching this idea to his boss...

Genius: Let's take a mildly successful theatrical movie and make a sequel to it. it'll be awesome.
Boss: Boy that sounds like an excellent idea... here's a lot of money we don't need to make a failure of a movie. make me proud.
Genius: If this doesn't work, we should make "If looks could kill: Part 2."

i mean seriously folks... who's gonna watch this? i mean the cutting edge had it's moments... and holds a firm part of a small portion of my growing up cause mom loved it and watched it all the time. plus it still has some decent jokes in it. but where do you go after the first movie... i mean... everything is taken care of in the movie... they win the gold at the olympics and they fall in love. story over.

What good is a made for tv movie? you don't get box office profits. i mean i guess if you were a company and wanted to advertise... you could advertise there? do made for tv movies get more ratings than just regular tv? who knows?


MotherOf3Guys said...

I do love that movie...watched it all the time at Forbes Video when I worked there. My lovely daughter-in-law told me about the made for TV movie, but my husband forgot which channel it was on so I missed it. Don't think that the sequel could ever beat the original.

Justin said...

When you titled that post "Toepick", I thought you were going to tell the story of when Joe Steiner removed a large piece of dead skin off his foot in the shower and decided he was going to dry it and carve it into a guitar pick.

MotherOf3Guys said...

That brings a whole other meaning to "Toepick" now...EEEEWWWH! Even though it does sound like something Joe would do.