Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Spring Break.

So if all my classes meet the rest of the week... i'd have 3 classes to go to... 5pm on thursday, 10:10am and 1:25pm on friday. luckily for me the 5pm was cancelled a long time ago. The 10:10 was cancelled tonight after we all finished our project presentations. The 1:25 which i normally have to go to... is going to be an online experiment. SCORE. so now instead of having a 9 day spring break... it's now 11 days.... let me say it again... SCORE.


Mamaw said...

So why don't you come and see me and Tasha if you have all that time off!!

Jessy said...

You left me early and I'm sad.

:-( I had to stay and WORK all week. But at least you still answer your phone.


<3 Love,