Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Christmas List.

My mother has been bugging me about getting her a christmas for me. After some thought, i have compiled a few things via the internets that i would like to receive for this holiday coming up. I decided to post this list on here with descriptions so that those of you reading can get a better feel for who i am and what i enjoy. Most of this stuff that i have in this list will come as no surprise to the people that already know me...

Also, i encourage all of you reading this to make your own "wishlist" and post it for all to see, because the more people know about your little wants and needs, the more they'll know about you in general. So here we go:

Random Crap
Funny T-Shirt:
I actually used to play Ping-Pong for Tech so this one is funny but kinda true... it's very me.

Comfy T-Shirt:
Life is Good is a great company and this shirt is very much how i usually view things

Transformers Chess Set:
This is more of a thing i have with wanting to collect chess sets... i saw this at walmart and thought it looked pretty damn cool.

Brain Age 1 and 2
Been playing BA1 on Tom and Becky's DS's and it is good fun.

This movie is great, and i've been wanting to buy it for a while, just haven't seen it/found it since i thought about it.

Flight of the Conchords DVD:
Great TV show that totally cracks me up... check them out on YouTube... i suggest watching business time.

Flight of the Conchords CD:
Going along with the DVD, this tiny album will let me listen to them in the car, and on my ipod.

Great movie... Pixar really knows what the hell they're doing. Love their stuff.

I just realized that i've said "Great movie" on every single one of the other dvds... so i'll say this.... Awesome movie.

Drum Stuff
Bell Cymbal:
This thing sounds really cool. I would prefer the 6" one.

Splash Cymbal:
You'll notice that this link is going directly to the splash cymbal navigation page. This is because i really don't know which one i want... Also note that i already have one, but i would like another one on my right side that compliments it's sound... would be nice to get some contrast between the two.

Cymbal Stacker
I would use this to put the splash cymbal above my crash without having to buy a new stand for it. Pretty cool concept if you ask me.

China Cymbal:
I also put the entire list on here, because i really don't know which one i want... the easiest way for me to pick out one of these is for someone to just pick one out for me. This is one that i am not really excited about... just some ideas to keep in mind.

Trashformer Cymbal:
More of a joke than anything else, don't really want it, but thought it was funny looking.... probably funny sounding too... (perfect for Lose Your Lunch).

That's it for now... i know i've mentioned a couple other things to Jessy that i can't think of at the moment, but i will keep this list up to date once i think of the other things that i want, but don't want to spend my own money on.