Thursday, April 06, 2006

Old TV.

Maybe it's just me... but i freaking love all the old shows that i used to watch as a kid. I will now compile a list of shows that i still watch almost anytime they're on tv.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air- Who doesn't know the words to his theme song by heart? seriously. I've seen probably every episode of this show... maybe with a few exceptions, but i've seen a large amount. Nick at Night is now playing this... and it makes me feel like i'm getting old, cause when i was a kid, nick at night had i love lucy, and dick van dyke. now it's FPoBA. anyways... One of my favorite episodes is when Will and Carlton have to dance to win back money (Apache dance). Anyone who's been with me when i hear this song knows, i will do this dance no matter the situation. Steve's usually my partner in crime in completing the routine. Another episode: Carlton has a gambling problem. i think these two might actually be the same episode, but i'm not positive. They're different in my mind. "chillin out maxin' and relaxin' all cool..."

Home Improvement - The old favorite that Pawpaw used to love. Now i can't get enough of it. even in the later years when the middle sarcastic brother left the show and the younger son turned goth. This show still manages to make me laugh out loud. You could also call this show "Tool Time" and no one would know the difference... one of my favorite running jokes on the show is that everytime tim walks down the stairs of his basement he hits his head on that pipe. it doesn't happen every episode, but i can't help but bust out laughing when it does... key episode: Tim destroys Jill's car with a half ton beam.

Full House - This one i'm a little embarrased that i still watch... but can you blame me? I mean dave coulier rules... this is my brady bunch.... since i never really watched the brady bunch. The whole backstory of this show is one of the reasons that makes this show so interesting for me... think about it... a house with 3 adult males, raising 3 female children. could this be any more awkward? But they pull it off. Jessie might be a rocker... but he has a heart of gold... and we love him for it. It's funny that in the show they tried as often as possible to let jessie sing in the show, trying to boost John Stamos' music career. good job there producers. Jeff 1, Stamos 0. John Stamos married Rebecca Romijn. Jeff 1, Stamos 5,000. Touché Stamos, i bow down to thee.

America's Funniest Home Videos - This one isn't a sitcom like the previous shows, but this show still cracks me up. Granted, i can't watch the version with bob sagat as the host, i'm talking about the daisy fuentes version and that new guy who does it now... tom or something. Anytime there's a "30 face hits in 35 seconds" montage, i usually end up on the floor crying cause i'm laughing so hard. "25 hits to the crotch in 22 seconds." you get the drift. in fact.... check it... totally amazing.

Simpsons - This show rules. i don't even need to explain this. not to mention that it's been on the air for like 70 years.

Seinfeld - once again... another i don't even have to discuss.

Family Matters - this one to a lesser degree, i've seen a couple episodes in the past couple months... i'll only watch this if nothing else is on.

Knight Rider - This one isn't on as much, but when it comes on, chances are that i'll watch it... especially when i'm at home and it's HDTV. K.I.T.T. in HD... i love it.

Saved by the Bell - I really wish this show was on tv more... i'd SO watch it. tiffany amber theissen in high school... such a great reminder of what life used to be like.

I think that's it for now... unless i think of something else...

Side note: I'm interested about how much this list is different for my different brothers... seeing as we're 3 years apart from each other... any of you non-22 year old people feel free to comment.


Tom said...

Shows from my past that I'll watch in reruns if I actually catch them(a star* will indicate that I watched these shows before they went into reruns/syndication):

Dukes of Hazzard*
Knight Rider*
The A Team*
Greatest American Hero*

Hard to imagine some of these as old, which I guess is the first step of starting to feel old, but I still enjoy:

Home Improvement(sometimes)
Married with Children(love this show)

Cartoons I remember watching a lot, some of which I wish I could still watch as reruns:
G.I.Joe Real American Hero
Pole Position(I actually had to look this one up to remember the name of it...a Saturday morning cartoon from 1984ish)
Speed Racer
Pink Panther

Forever Classics:
Looney Toons
Tom and Jerry

Tom said...