Thursday, April 06, 2006

Yay Guster.

I am writing this directly after the previous post, but it's a different topic that i want to get on "paper."

Guster has a new album coming out. They have had a new album coming out for 3 freaking years. remember my last article about it?

Well now Guster is slowly releasing material, and it's getting me so excited. I try not to get too excited about it cause it's just like torture... kinda like if you mention chipotle around me when i'm in blacksburg that i want to stab you in the jaw? Same feelings. But from the new material that they are releasing, i can't sit still about it... i gotta show everyone... and express my sheer and utter excitement for the rest of this album.

First go Here to listen to 2 of their new songs. One Man Wrecking Crew, and Manifest Destiny.
MD is freaking awesome... i'm in love with it already. OMWC is pretty good, i'm not as excited about it... but i'm still excited about there being new material.

The second place to go is here. There is going to be a documentary that shows video of them making this album... this is the coolest idea ever... Metallica did it once, and even though i'm not a huge metallica fan, being able to SEE what goes on when making an album is probably the best idea in the idea of documentaries. Anyways, these are the "trailers" to the documentary. it's called Joe's Place. I have guster's webpage as my homepage so i'm looking at their website 30-40 times a day... even if i'm just opening up my web-browser for something else. And if you're either of my brothers, you're surely the first to know when something is updated cause i usually say something to the effect of "guster has a new road journal"... or "check out the new joe's place videos"

My favorite promo is "all hands up." watching this 30 second clip of the song "Empire State" gives me the chills... This i would normally not say... but Tom said the same thing to me the other day, so i'm glad someone else gets similar feelings when they hear 30 seconds of a song.

"multi-tasking" is hilarious... didn't see that coming at all.

Yay Guster.

Damn them for taking so damn long.

Have a nice day.


Tom said...

Will this album be better than Keep it Together? I don't know.

Will I enjoy making the comparison? Yes...assuming it is ever released.

Does Guster still rule? From these videos, it's 100% confirmed. Yes.

Will Justin still like Guster? Definitely...after I bother him to listen to it about 50 times.

Jeff said...

you bugging someone else to listen to music? hahahahaha... i laugh at that concept.

Cheryl said...


So I heard Chipotle is supposed to be opening up soon! Just think, your parents will be able to "walk" to Chipotle... too bad you're in school still!

Jeff said...

mmmmmm chipotle....

Mamaw said...

OK, so I have no pride. What's Chipotle?

Jeff said...

you're breakin my heart here mawmaw... only the greatest burrito maker on the face of the planet. it's the food of the gods. and cause i'm a god, it's food for me.