Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Thank you Justin.

Justin came up with a brilliant idea. Play 10 songs on random on your ipod, and comment. Instant blog entry. So.... 10 songs on random on my ipod without fast forwarding..... GO!

1.) Phish - Golgi Apparatus
What a great idea for a song. Off of Junta, their first album... probably their weirdest album... which is weird because most bands start off with a calmer approach to their music and expand outward. But this album is all over the map. Not saying i don't like it, but seriously... only down part to this album is the 25 minute song of just nonsense called "union federal." what a load of crap. but the song contact totally saves it.
"I look into the finance box just to check my status. I look into the microscope and see Golgi Apparatus"

2.) Ari Hest - Consistency
Live version. All of Ari's songs go through transitions but this is an older version from 2002. This song has an added verse and new bridge since the new album came out. not as good as the origional version. This is a full band version though with the old bassist. He ruled... i can't remember his name. But he looked like high tower from the police academy movies with bob marley dreadlocks. always played barefoot, and always danced around... freaking awesome. and a baddass bassist ta boot. OH.... bass solo... i forgot about this. man... i miss old ari hest. I think there's a video online of the big guy dancing around sometime. Oh man, this version has the new verse, but not the new bridge, awesome. cause the new bridge is what sucks, and i'm just remembering that now. I bet this is gonna be hard to read. sorry about the constant change in thoughts... now onto the next song.

3.) Brothers Creegan - Scotch and Soda
This is from a live album i downloaded, i'm not too familiar with this song. But BC live rules. 3 really talented musicians playing a jazz/rock/weird music mix. kinda hard to explain them if you don't know anything about them. other than the fact that they both used to be in the barenaked ladies. After listening to this song halfway through... i like it. i'll probably listen to it the next time i hear it. I'm not expecting any of my favorites to come up next... since i have 3214 songs. but here we go...

4.) Goo Goo Dolls - Think About Me
From their live in buffalo album. These guys are pretty good, i'm not sure i like them as much live as i do in the studio, the lead singer changes the melody of the songs way to much to even recognize them. I mean some improv is alright but he doesn't even stay close to what is on the album. and with a band i don't love with all my heart, i kinda wanna hear the melodies of your song the way they should be sung. The best improv'er that i've heard and liked is Jason Mraz, he'll take one of his songs and make it a brand new song, and it'll rule. Just listen to "absolutely zero" on the album and the live album, and you'll understand what i mean. This GGD song is forgetable. thank god it's over.

5.) Paul Thorn - Ain't Love Strange
YES! I love this song. you should too.
"Down at Donnie's strip club, they all know my name, I can't get a woman so i sit down by the stage. I think Heather really likes me, she wiggles in my face, takes my forty dollars, turns and walks away. Ain't love strange."
Brilliant paul thorn. My new favorite songwriter. He has such a new approach to songwriting. I could write all day about why paul thorn rules. and one of the reasons is "I guess i'll just stay married." if you don't know what i'm talking about... please contact me, i'll introduce you to paul thorn the right way.

6.) Junior Brown - They Don't Chose to Live That Way
It's the southern old school country version of "we are the world." only it's just junior brown. no michal jackson, no lionel ritchie, no bruce springsteen. For those of you who don't know who junior brown is, he sang that old country song "highway patrol." I can't help but think about pawpaw when he comes on, cause he was a highway patrolman. or was he a state policeman? someone in my family will surely know. please comment and straighten me out.

7.) Paul Thorn - Lover's Vacation
i love paul thorn. This song is about him and his wife taking a weekend vacation together. Such a good love song with a great groove. one of those uplifting songs that you hear on the radio and you roll down your windows and just smile. Since i'm not in my car, i'll open my room window, turn the fan on. and i'll smile. I'm just gonna enjoy the rest of this song until the end. see ya soon.

8.) BNL - Tonight's Show
This is from Rick's Living Room. In between songs. this is a radio show taht they did back in 96 in some guy's living room. i think his name was rick. Not really a song. just mid song. funny.

9.) Brothers Creeggan - Whole Lotta Covers
Same show as before, this is a medly of different covers. 6 minutes worth. pretty funny. Jimi hendrix, scuse me while i kiss the sky. The next song is some rolling stones song. now they're singing paul simon's "diamonds on the sole of her shoes." These guys just pulled 3 part harmony outta nowhere. Awesome. didn't recognize that last song. (thanks pat... jerk.)

10.) Indigo Girls - Power of Two
From the 1200 Curfews live album. It's a radio interview of just the two of them. definitely my favorite song of theirs. This is the song that got me to like these girls. Not to mention that my friend nora beat them into me. Coincidence that she is gay? who knows, but i don't really care, cause i love nora and need to see her cause it's been seriously years.But anyways, indigo girls.... they really have the two part harmony down to an art. they really know how to bring out the best in a song.

Anyways, that's my 10 random. 2 paul thorns, 2 BC's, and indigo girls in a pear tree.


11.) Justin - Peeping Tom
HAHAHAHAHA. This song rules. off his 3rd album Good as Wood.

"So won't you please stare at me so i feel normal?"

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Tom said...

Today's random 10, starting from #169 out of 2991 of the random shuffle I currently have running on my ipod:

1. Jeremy - Pearl Jam
2. The Deeper In - Drive-By Truckers
3. Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da - Beatles
4. Prequel - Bela Fleck & The Flecktones
5. Arthur's Theme - Christopher Cross
6. The Sands of Iwo Jima - Drive-By Truckers
7. Blue Skies - Willie Nelson
8. Another Life I'm Living On - Ron Block (of Union Station)
9. Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hank - Barenaked Ladies
10. 26 Miles - Sean Watkins (of Nickel Creek)