Sunday, April 30, 2006

More On Sean.

After a full night to reflect on this situation, i decided that writing that blog was very theraputic. so i'm going to go ahead and write about the "let me drive your car home drunk" incident that i noted in the previous blog. But this was about a month ago... or so.... but i will try to recap things as accurate as possible.

So that weekend was the weekend that Steve was coming down to hang out/party. and i was excited about it. So we decided to go downtown with jon and throw some darts... cause darts is a fun and entertaining game while drinking at a bar. So steve and i call Jon and ask him to partake with us, and he agrees. But sean is home... and any chance to drink WITH people he jumps at the chance. So steve and i drive over to pick jon and sean up in my car. On the ride over there i warn steve about sean by saying something like, "Now sean can be cool, but he can also be a large asshole, please, for the love of god, do not fight him under any circumstance." and steve is baffled by this but he promises and we go and pick them up. So we go park and walk to the bar. We get there and play darts for a good 3-4 hours, all the while drinking and having a great time. Sean was awesome, being cool, hanging out playing darts. It was an awesome night.

So once last call comes, we start walking back to my car. so once we get close to the car, i say "we should get McDonald's" to buy me some more time getting a ride. so sean and jon go into mcy d's to get some food while steve and i wait outside. All the while i'm calling cab companies around the blacksburg area for a ride cause i know that none of us are decent enough to drive. No avail... i get answering machines. so i apologize to steve and ask him if he's cool walking home. he's more than happy with that, cause let's face it, we're drunk.... it's not going to hurt as much as a sober walk. after which steve begins to tell me that my assesment of sean is all wrong, because he was being cool all night and showed no sign of douchebaggery. that's when sean and jon come out of the mcy d's with yummy delicious goodies. I regretfully inform them that none of the cab companies or friends of mine are answering their phones for a ride home. Which means we're gonna have to walk. this is the point in the story where sean doesn't get his way and flips out.

Sean: I can drive, give me the keys and let's go home.
Jeff: Dude, we've been drinking in a bar for 4 hours, no one is good enough to drive.
Sean: I'm good, let me drive.
Jeff: No, you're not driving my car drunk. i've called all the cab companies in the area and can't get an answer, we're gonna have to walk.
Sean: Fuck you give me your keys or i'll beat your ass.
(this does not make steve happy)
Jeff: I'm sorry for stranding you downtown, but it's not that bad of a walk, steve and i are walking home.
Sean: If you leave me here, i'm never going downtown with you again.
Jeff: steve and i are walking home... bye.

Steve and i start walking and he starts yelling "i'm going to kick your ass" and so i'm holding steve back and walking away from sean cause i want nothing to do with a drunken fight at mcy d's. and steve remembered his promise and walked away with me.

For the next 10 minutes steve and i are walking at a feverish pace cause our adrenaline was running and we were just talking about how much of an ass sean was.

Steve: I now see what you mean about sean. I'm sorry i didn't see it before.
Jeff: i tried to warn you.

So after 10 minutes of sean bashing, we hear loud footsteps behind us and turn to find Jon running to catch up with us. No Sean. Jon proceeds to tell us how pissed off sean was and that he was calling his friends to come pick him up and how he didn't want to wait around with him. Jon ran at least a half a mile to catch up with us. So we walk the rest of the way home. once i get home sean ims me with "If you ever leave me stranded downtown again, i'll kill you." I do not respond to this. After that sean puts a jeff bashing away message on his screen name and does whatever he does at his apartment.

This was the final shebang for me and sean. i could handle being around him in the past cause most of the time he was fine. But after this incident, i never wanted to be around him again. cause up until that point, he had gotten in a fight at my 21st birthday party, which i forgave him for in my mind cause he was drunk, and sometimes those things happen. but had i known this was going to be a pattern, i would've cut it off immediately.

So after the car incident, i never wanted to be around him, and from reports from jon, he could not understand why i don't ever hang around anymore. even after jon repeats to him "because you tried to fight him to drive his car home drunk."

And that's pretty much everything about sean that you need to know. I don't ever intend on seeing him again, and i hope to god i don't. Cause people who try to start fights have no place in my life. Anyone who knows me and my stance on fights, i say "Fuck Fights."

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.


jdizzle said...

if there was such a thing as karma, sean would be dead

Tom said...

Jeff's birthday incident should've been enough to realize that Sean is no good. We spent over an hour straight trying to stop him from fighting with EVERYONE at the party. It started out with just one random guy that obviously said something Sean took as an insult...then when people tried to stop a fight from occurring, he actually started fighting with people holding him back. Who the fuck fights with people who are trying to contain a situation? If you're not completely psycho, the answer to that question is "nobody.". But Sean obviously has a screw loose somewhere. I hope he gets that sucker screwed in someday, but I don't think that'll be happening if he hasn't figured it out yet.

Jeff, your best bet is to just leave him alone. He is the kind of guy I envision killing people motto: "steer clear of potential murderers."

Tashanme said...

Poor Sean!! Sounds as if he needs some nurturing, but his problem may take more than that. Doesn't sound to me like the kind of friend you'd be happy with at all. Also, could be dangerous. I had an unhappy uncle like that. Drink and fight was his motto it seemed. You be careful!!

neva said...

so how well does jon get along with sean? seems like that would be a bad situation to live in. Alcoholics are crazy. stay clear and all will be good.

Jeff said...

well to answer your question about how he gets along with sean, he tolerates him. last year when jon was looking for someone to room with, he came to me about a month too late cause i already signed for the same room with my other roommates. all of jon's former roommates were either graduating or moving somewhere else. and because i had already signed, sean was the only option available to room with. As you know us college folk are poor bastards. He knew that rooming with him would have the risk of a major blowup like the current situation, but he needed a roommate. And for the most part, it works because jon puts up with a lot of shit from him just to "keep the peace" but after sean started all this crap back up with me, he just wants to have nothing to do with him. SO in conclusion, he tolerated him just to get through the year, and since the school year's almost done, i can imagine that they won't be spending much time together anyways.

MotherOf3Guys said...

Stay away from that @#%$hole! You are much better off without him. If he threatens you again, that may require further action....You don't want to mess with a mother!

Cheryl said...

umm yah, jeff, after your birthday that would've been enough for me... and when you came by the station the last time and just started mentioning his name, i cringed... he's not a good person... and he brings out such anger in you!!!

anyways, on the bright side... you're almost done w/ school and doesn't he graduate this year so no more sean!???!

Cindy, brother of Sean said...

hey this is Sean's sister Cindy. He just read this blogpost and is in tears. I don't think he'll ever recover. Good job jerk. Sincerely, Cindy.

Awww crap, ok it's actually me Justin - I couldn't go through with it

Tom said...

Sean kills crybabies.