Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Probably the Best One I've Seen.

So a customer comes up to me at WeggyWorld the other day and asks me a really dumb question...you can see the layout of the scene with my lovely hand drawn drawing.

He then proceeds to ask me "Where is the velveeta?"

This question comes up a lot at Wegman's, and i'm used to answering it, so i think nothing of it and begin to point to where the velveeta is.

This is when it happened... He interrupts my hand motion and speech to continue with his question.... "I come in here all the time and the velveeta is usually on this little rack." He then proceeds to point to the little rack that the velveeta is ACTUALLY STORED ON.

Now i could approach this answer (like most) in two ways....

Answer #1
Me: Well sir, the velveeta actually is stored on that little rack, check the bottom shelf of it, you might find some there.
Customer: Oh, i see it now, thanks.

Answer #2:
Me: You are retarded.
Customer: I know.

Seeing as how i like not being fired, i chose answer #1.

I had to restrain myself from laughing though... cause i thought it was quite hilarious.

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