Saturday, January 27, 2007

You Drive Me Crazy.

Since it's been a while since i've written anything, i thought i would write about something we all experience at some point in our lives.

It seems like every time i get in my car, the road is filled with more and more people who REFUSE to drive the speed limit. This is especially true on any road where you can't pass or Rt. 28... it could be midnight, and there will still be 2 cars that happen to get side by side and go 5-10 mph under the speed limit. I have traveled on rt 28 so many times in my life, and EVERY SINGLE TIME, there are 2 jackasses who see me coming and decide to perform a 30 mph roadblock.

This also happens to me when i'm not driving... for example, Tom and I drove to manassas for a jam one weekend, and we got behind some idiot going 30 on a 55mph 1 lane road... 5 miles down the road we finally pass him, and what do you know, not even 2 minutes later, stuck behind someone else. What is happening here? It seems like they are multiplying.

Another issue that i have with drivers involves getting on a highway. It is my belief that on ramps should be used to get up to speed with traffic so that it's easier to merge into said traffic. Apparently the rest of the world thinks that they need to diddle daddle along the on ramp, merge, then proceed to go 5 mph under the speed limit. It really is annoying having to deal with people who refuse to use their gas pedal. It really is unsafe driving too slow and i think all these people need to grow a pair and step on it.


Jessy said...

You know, I read somewhere that it is more eco-friendly if you don't drive your car at a speed more than 55mph. Apparently it reduces your "carbon footprint" and makes your car run more economically (in terms of gas mileage.) Perhaps the problem is that with gas being more expensive, people are driving slower to succumb to better gas mileage? Either way, I completely agree that there are more of them than ever. I firmly believe that police need to pull over people for driving way to slow as much as they do people for driving way too fast.

Jessy said...

oops succumb was SO not the word i meant to use there. though... perhaps they're succumbing to tree-hugging, penny penching measures to better gas mileage and keep money in their wallets?

that sounds much better.

neva said...

Hmmmm. I don't think anyone could accuse me of "driving slowly" but I get what you mean.....the on ramps.....people people people....please use them as they are meant to used....for MERGING with the traffic already going the speedlimit....I hate it when some yoho decides to poke along ...IN THE LANE YOU NEED TO MERGE IN...and then acts like you are the one doing something wrong...shesh..go figure.

Jessy said...

HONEY... don't forget to write a blog about what your car did to me/you/us last night... because I want a blog! NOW!