Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My New Car.

Back in late 2000, my very awesome parents went and bought me my very own car to drive around in. Little did i know that some 6 full years later i would finally get to upgrade myself. Now, i'm not complaining about this car (i.e. biting the hand that feeds you), but i will say that that car gave me a lot more trouble than what it was worth. Bright blueish color that the girls always said "is your car purple?", transmission problems (twice), and we all know about filling up gas... that car was always a mess too, with no place to hide the essentials of my everyday stuff except in the passenger seat... Not to mention throwing all my trash in the too small for people backseat.

BUT.... it got me from point A to point B, almost every time. i racked up 78,000 miles on that car driving from Manassas to Ashburn to Blacksburg to Harrisonburg to West Virginia to Fredricksburg to RTJ to Wegmans over and over and over again. All the while only 1 really really really minor accident to which i wasn't even driving (some paint was traded, but that's it). Hell you couldn't even see it after i washed the white paint off cause the bumper was made of black plastic, and the blue paint was fairly dark for being so bright (just pretend that makes sense).

Anyways, father and i had been "shopping" for cars for months because the Accent was ready to be replaced. We shopped around for cars that were in my price range, and we found quite a few nice choices. Dodge has a new SUV called a Nitro. VW has the Jetta. Infinity has the (used)G35. Nissan has the Sentra SE-R.

All of these cars were cool, but none as cool as the Sentra. It has a lot of features on it that are pretty much made for my age group such as an ipod auxiliary jack, 6 dish in dash mp3 compatible cd player, intelligent key, cool rims and a kickin spoiler, and most importantly.... cruise control.

When I first saw the Sentra, i immediately liked the styling of the new model, and all the cool features just seemed to fit into what i wanted in a new car... so i went in there by myself, and test drove it, and pretty much did the whole thing by myself (with dad on the phone making sure i didn't get raped with a huge interest rate). Paid for everything on the car with my own money(except for the trade in value of the Accent), and drove away in a brand new way of getting around (once i stopped shaking of course). And i must say, it really is "me."

So say goodbye to the old gustermobile to usher in the new era of the Gustermobile. See you on the road.

P.S. Don't park so close to me, i get nervous about it.


Jessy said...

You forgot the part where you hit me with a car in the process of all of this test driving.


GR8UMPS3 said...

You can claim the value of the trade in. you drove it and paid the price.. so that amout was yours too.. so you did it your self... wait there is a song title like that or something like it

"I did it My Way"

Patrick said...

Except Jeff isn't contemplating suicide, he's buying a new car!

Congrats on the gustermobile upgrade. That car was not sized for someone of your height, it was a Pat sized car for sure.

MotherOf3Guys said...

It is a beautiful car for a beautiful son!!

Stacey said...

Interesting to know.