Monday, March 02, 2009

Round Shoelaces.

I can never get round shoelaces to stay tied for longer than an hour... why the fuck do they still make shoelaces round? I know they seem like they are better choices than the flat ones which can get twisted... but the flat ones don't come untied... so what gives?

Stupid round shoelaces.


Jessy said...

This might be a long story, but I will give you a wonderful reason to hate these shoelaces even more. Ever seen the scars on my elbows and knees? I blame them on round shoelaces.

When I was in 8th grade, I ran track and I bought a new pair of adidas trail running shoes (they fit my feet better than the track shoes), and they had the new nylon/manmade fabric shoestrings that were round. The first day that I wore them to practice, during spring break, I tripped over the laces, which untied themselves as I was running. Tripping on an asphalt running track while running sucks. I ended up with huge scrapes and blood running down my arms, legs...

Never one to cry about a little blood, I ended up running the rest of the way around the track to meet up with the coach/teammates to do some first aid on my booboos. I retied the shoes, fell AGAIN, and re-scraped the original scrapes, meaning both elbows and both knees were terribly bloody and gross. I have knotted the shoestrings to avoid untying ever since!

Anonymous said...

You might be tying them wrong: