Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What Price Fame?

A couple months ago when i was working at the Weggy, this magazine was for sale, and I just could not let it go. Apparently OK! Magazine hires monkeys to edit their COVER. What price fame? I think i heard someone say this at China Inn when i was ordering my kung pow chicken the other day. Now there's nothing wrong with someone who's primary language is not english to speak like this, because let's face it, more people in the world speak Chinenglish and other forms of English than what i consider American English. But the cover of an American magazine has "what price fame" as its bold print, attention getting headline... come on guys. It reminds me of throwing a beautifully written essay into one of those translators online. They spit out the words, but it's just all wrong. My suggestion to OK magazine is to figure out "What Price Hire New Editor?" Am I crazy for thinking this is ridiculous or am i just being too harsh? Did anyone else see this magazine and find something wrong about it, or was it just me?


Jessy said...

Kung PAO, honey, kung pao.

I do think that it's a complete breach of any and all rules put in the MLA journalism guide, and their copy editor should be FIRED... however, considering that this is OK magazine, I'm sure that they don't have high journalistic standards and it's not a big deal-- bikinis sell magazines of this type, not grammar.

Anonymous said...

It's an idiom, e.g. "What price glory?" http://movies.nytimes.com/movie/review?res=9E03E5D6163DEE3ABC4C51DFB767838D639EDE

Neva said...

ahhh I KNEW there was an explanation....thanks anonymous!

Amanda said...

the idiom explanation makes some sense... i saw the "what price glory" movie wiki article. but on the other hand, it certainly LOOKS wrong, unless you know the reference.

stll amusing though. :-)