Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Angry, Hateful People.

It seems like everywhere you go, you are confronted with people who are so miserable with their own lives that they take it out on everyone and everything. These people are so "glass half empty" that it's kinda sad for me, cause they don't effect me in a way that i assume they want. For example, at the Weg's last week, there was a customer who essentially yelled at me over a 4 cent difference between the price on the tag, and a price on a sign that someone forgot to change. I told him that the price was $2.18, not the $2.14 on the sign that is changed manually. I really wanted to just hand the guy a quarter and go, "there you go sir, now you're ahead..." but alas, I did not. I simply told him that i'd make sure he got his $2.14 price up at the register.

There are only 2 reasons to get your panties in a twist over 4 cents.
1.) You live on a REALLY fixed income...
2.) You have nothing better to do with your life than to haggle with someone about it.

In the end, the whole situation gives me a good laugh and makes me appreciate how freaking awesome my life is that i can shrug off so much negative energy. I've got a great family, awesome friends, and I'm making money... so what do i have to complain about? Not much really... I'm in a great stage of life where everything is looking up and vile human beings will not and cannot ever change that.

With that in mind, I would like to point everyone to a blog a wrote in 2006 when i was 22. You don't have to read (or re-read) this blog, but i would like to point out the comments section. I'm still getting comments about this post 4 years later by anonymous people who are really just looking to incite a reaction out of me... It's really amusing. I actually feel different now about how beer pong should be played, but that's beside the point... the point is that someone either searched google for "beer pong rules" and made their way to my blog, or someone is just trying to piss me off via anonymity. Either way I think it's awesome that they are spending (read: wasting) their time to comment on a 4 year old blog post.

So... to all you haters commenting on my beer pong post... Keep it up... it's really entertaining to me (and other people i assume).

P.S. How awesome is the picture i found for this blog? Google images wins... first picture under a "angry people" search.


Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!

Anne said...

You know what you should do tonight?!?! You should write a blog!! About... BOWLING!!! BOWLING BLOG!! I have made my demand known. Comply or perish.