Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Best and Worst Parties of All Time.

After this awesome weekend, i thought i've realized that the last 2 parties i've been to happened to be the worst, and then the best parties i've ever been to. I'll start off with the best.

I'm gonna go ahead and say that the best party i've been to is any one that is called OBB. Shocker right? Anyways... it's a full day of drinking, music and drinking. How can you beat that? With flipcup, and horseshoes too, it makes no room for other parties to compare. For all those who are OBB virgins, i really feel sorry for you guys, cause you don't know what you're missing. NOTHING is more important than OBB. and with Cinco De OBB coming up next year... i hope to see you all there, cause i'll be there.... having the best time of the whole year.... every year.

Ok, now that i've said that, time to talk about the worst party i've ever been to. (And if you happen to read this Hanson, i'm sorry, but seriously... you guys need to work on your party throwing skills.)

Anyways, i went to GMU to hang out with my friend Nick Hanson for a random party he told me about, so i was excited. The trip started out kinda shitty, cause mapquest directions basically just stop. (it's in a court, but the court isn't actually in mapquest, so the directions just stop at the entrance of the court.) But i eventually found it, parked my car where it was going to stay all night, and into the morning, since i had planned on spending the night there. Once i got there, things were great... met up with some old OHS people i hadn't seen in years. played some beer pong, kicked some ass, and lost the next game, and went about my way. by this time, i'm about 3-4 beers into the night, when one of my underage friends arrives(whose name is being withheld to protect the guilty. hahaha). once he shows up, we go get a beer, and as we walk up to the keg, one of nick's friends says to me "seven dollars please."

7 freaking dollars for this party. This is unacceptable. i don't care if you're serving Crystal... if it's a college party, $3 is the most you ask for, if you ask at all. but seven dollars, give me a freaking break.

So i walk over to nick in his room and ask him wtf is up with 7 dollars, and he looks at me like "what's wrong with that?" and says "how about 5?"

I didn't want to argue, so i just threw down $10 for myself and my friend... we'll call him Jim so i don't have to keep saying "underage friend."

So Jim goes over to get his beer, and comes back with X's on his hand. They asked him if he was over 21, and when he said no, they x'ed him, then proceeded to give him some beer.
From a college party standpoint, this should never happen. I understand that they're just trying to protect themselves from trouble, but if you're gonna try to protect yourself, don't let him drink. that's simple enough... don't give him the X mark of death. if he wanted x's on his hands, we would've gone to a bar.

By the time all of this had happened, i had drunk enough to where i couldn't drive home, so i was stuck. So Jim and i just hung out by ourselves, trying not to draw attention from the large amount of douches that were attending said party.

As the night was dying down, Jim and I sat down on the couches to "claim" them for the night ahead, when this random kid comes up to me and starts talking shit to me for NO REASON.

Retarded Kid: Did you just look at me? FUCK YOU.
Me: What?
RK: You want to fight me?
Me: Are you joking?
RK: You're a pussy, come say shit to my face.
Me (to Jim): Is this really happening?
Jim: I think so.

RK walked away without saying anything else...I thought he was joking. like seriously, i thought he was trying to be funny.

About 5 minutes later he walked past Jim and myself....

Me: What's up man, you feeling better?
RK: Did you say something to me? (walks over next to my face like a big man who wants to fight)
Me: Dude, i was kidding relax.
RK: Fuck you say something else.
RK: That's right, i'm a big tough guy who likes men.

Ok so that last line i kinda made up. but it's probably true. As RK walked away, Jim said to me
"if that kid did anything to you, i so had your back, cause he's retarded."

That made me feel better.... but not about the party. it sucked.

I spent the next 8-10 hours trying to sleep through people talking. 1 conversation happened to be at around 4:37 am about something stupid where i turned around and said "SHUT THE HELL UP IT'S 4:37.... GO TO BED" which did the trick.

That's my story.

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Jerry said...

I really don't see how my drunken picture is relavent to this story Jeffro.