Sunday, April 08, 2007

Why is Everything Wet?

Public restrooms. This is the ONLY place i've ever seen the security screws where you can only tighten them (like the one in the picture). Who needs this? Why is it such a big deal that these stalls are NOT going to be taken down? This baffles me.

It's like these people who design these bathrooms are so in love with their work that NO ONE will take it down... even if they decide to bring a screwdriver into the stall of the bathroom.... which happens regularly... i guess.

Why can't this be used on something more useful... like cars or something... I have seriously seen these screws only in public restrooms.

Although i can understand having these at a college dorm (or whole campus for that matter), cause who knows what some drunk/high college kid will do with a bathroom stall... but this begs the question... Why don't they use these screws for everything in a college dorm? bulletin boards, door hinges, light fixtures, study room furniture, roommate's belongings... you know... the normal stuff.

I've researched this topic with a few people and it seems that we cannot find any other place these are being used except for bathroom stalls... if you have seen these anywhere else, leave a comment...


Tom said...

I can only guess that it is most common in bathrooms because who knows what some person taking a crap is going to need to do to entertain themselves for those few minutes. Fidgeters would most likely be the main culprit. If the closest thing they can get their hands on while on the pot is a screw, you know SOMEONE is going to try to manually unscrew it...and eventually, someone like this will come along and happen to have a screw driver in thier pocket or on their belt.

Chalk this up to the same reason why people write messages on the walls and stalls of basically every toilet in the world. What the hell else are they going to do? I mean, taking a dump can only be so entertaining, right?

MotherOf3Guys said...

Never even noticed!