Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bad News Never Had Good Timing.

After having a few days to let this shooting sink in, it has become clear to me that there are a lot of things that are wrong with a lot of people in this world.

The shooter:
As i have previously thought before, people who lash out at innocent bystanders will never be understood. Investigate all you want, analyse, think about it... but the 99% of people who live on this planet WILL NOT understand the reasoning, thinking, or anything about this shooter other than the fact that he is fucked up in the head, and that he had probably been that way for a long time. Evidence will only point you to the fact that a lot of people died and there were a lot of bullets. The "why" that "we" come up with will just be the "officials" way of spinning it so that the 99% of us sane people will have something that we can grasp in our heads... it will not be the reason because we cannot understand the "real" reasons.

People who say that Tech did not do enough to let people know after the AJ shooting:
This is simply a logistics impossiblity. There is NO way for a university to inform EVERY student that is on his/her way to class to stay put. Put it on the radio, send out an email, blast it out a loudspeaker... all of these combined will reach probably 40% of the people.... if even that much.
Not to mention that anyone in their right mind would assume that the 2 shootings at AJ was the "end" of the incident. Who thinks after a double murder, "hmmm, i bet this guy is going to go shoot 31 other people." no one. that's who. so why is tech taking heat for not doing enough. Anyone who thinks that they could've done more to prevent, or to stop this tragedy is either retarded, or ignorant.

People who say that games like GTA and violence on tv caused this:
FUCK OFF. seriously... this "excuse" has been floating around the media since columbine. millions and millions of people play violent games, but you don't see millions and millions of people shooting people. this excuse is the biggest pile of bull dung that i have ever seen and i'm sick of it. If this is your excuse and you're a journalist, go kill yourself so i don't have to read this anymore.... that goes for you too dr. phil. As an example, i myself have been playing "violent" games for years... anyone remember Mortal Combat 1???? well the media flipped out at this game because there was a "blood code" where all whenever someone got hit, the shot blood outta their body instead of sweat. this was 1992. I have YET to kill anyone. yay me. This issue is overplayed, overrun, and overused. get off of my tv and internet please, thank you.

People who think that a rampage like this is deserved:
i don't even want to get into this, its almost like i hate these people more than the shooter himself, because they seem to throw salt in every victim's family's wounds. please go kill yourselves so the families can grieve and get on with their lives without having to worry about your stupid ass.

Other than that i am just upset about all of this. I really felt like since i haven't been at Tech for a little bit, that i was beginning to "not be a hokie." After monday, i feel like i will ALWAYS be a hokie, whether i get a degree from JMU, NOVA, UVA, GMU, or even harvard. Blacksburg is in my heart, my soul, and there is NOTHING that will change that. I never really had a great group of friends here, my scholastic records were ghastly, i did not enjoy my living situation, i was lonely, i ate terrible, but still... i love this place, and i miss it. And not just because my girlfriend is here. There will always be this part inside of me, and i hope that when i have little Jeff's running around (way way way in the future), that they decide that they want to go to Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

"Hokie, Hokie, Hokie, hi!
Tech, Tech, V-P-I!
Polytech Virgin-i-a
Ray, Rah, VPI!!!
Team! Team! Team!"


Jessy said...

... you forgot the people who want to talk about gun control. I think I hate them as much as you do.

Jessy said...

p.s. Thanks for coming to 'save me.' I needed it.

Neva said...

Throat clearing happening here......well said.

Justin said...

Dude...the profanity...I'm going to come and wash your mouth out with soap young man.

Bobby said...

Well said!

MotherOf3Guys said...

Thanks Justin for the temporary mom detail. Let's go hokies!