Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Clothes I'm Never Going To Buy... Part 2.

Before i start this post, i want to refer you to my first clothing post. Now i don't want you guys to begin to think that i am becoming a fashion critic, because let me assure you, my fashion sense is far from being valid.

But, as i was browsing a few clothing sites, i came across these three beauties. From the looks of it, it's just a collared shirt, but it seems to have bleach dripped on it in a random pattern. I don't know what the person who designed these shirts was thinking, but i'm pretty sure that bleach stains are a bad thing. If i saw someone wearing this shirt on the street, i would assume that he is a complete moron because he doesn't know that bleach stains your clothes.... well that or he's colorblind.... or completely blind (not that there's anything wrong with that).

According to all these "hip" clothing stores, the way to make "cool" looking clothes is to find some way to slightly destroy them. Well Aeropostale, A&F, American Eagle, Gap, and Old Navy take note, because i'm going to go ahead and give you a brand new idea to push to all the high schoolers of America... the next new fad in fashion.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the newest trend for this summer line, brilliantly placed cigarette burns! Be the first to own the latest trend in hot-ness. Paris Hilton can be seen around that glass table with her rolled up dollar bill in her brand new Marc Jacobs CB Jeans! (Side Note#1: I had to google "designer jeans" to find a jeans company other than levi's)(Side Note #2: I was originally going to say "Dolce Gabbana" until i searched to figure out how to spell it. For the other men out there like me, they do shoes, not jeans)

On a more serious note, if any designers of clothing happen upon this blog, take a word of advice from someone who doesn't know much about fashion. Making clothes look like they are pre-ruined is a dumb idea... really dumb. Also, making them cost $58 originally is retarded.


Jessy said...

I do agree that making clothes look beaten, tattered, and prematurely worn is a negligible design choice, but thanks to that trend, I have been able to wear a few pairs of favorite jeans past their normal fashion "expiration date." That being said, I am in no way defending the bleach splattered shirts, but the patterning spots kind of have a Pollock-like, abstract expressionist quality, where bleach spots are just one largely occuring blotch on a specific area of clothing. I'm wondering how they managed to do that, whether by hand, spray bottle, or medicine dropper. Yuck.

GR8UMPS3 said...

what's wrong with a pair of clean Jeans and a Pocket tee shirt?

MotherOf3Guys said...

Thanks for the side notes...I was starting to wonder how you knew Dolce and Gabbana and Marc Jacobs. I had to laugh at Jessy doing the art thing..only Jessy could use "abstract expressionist" to describe "bleach spots" and only you would think to label them "bleach stains"!!

Neva said...

Had I but known where this fashion trend was heading, I could have had an entire wardrobe --vintage of course_ from the bleach "stains" I've done over the years on accident.

Patrick said...

I own a guitar that someone lovingly sanded, burned and stained to look and feel just like Joe Strummer's 62 telecaster so I'm not going to get into the whole paying more for worn out things debate.

If the worn in clothes feel anything like my guitar though, it's well worth it!

Bobby said...

Ever the trend setter, I started this look a few years back when I poured shock into my sister's swimming pool while wearing a navy blue polo shirt.

I'm currently working on the "muffin stuffin" look. This is when middle-aged men wear low rider jeans, which allows their ever increasing fat to bulge over their waistline.

Have to go now. Ralph Lauren is on the phone.