Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Attention Readers.

It has been brought to my attention that my blog has a bitter tone to it. I can see this. Most of you know me and how i act in person and that i am generally a pleasant person to be around. At least that's how i see myself. That being said, i do have a darker, more bitter side to me which feels nice to actually air out in this blog... i hope you all can see that. If you want cheerful jeff, call me, im me, email me... This blog doesn't quite capture the whole picture of me, just a part that most of you haven't seen before. And to those who are shocked at the usage of curse words, consider this the evil twin of jeff. Ffej if you will. or Divad. Ffej Snewo. HA. it's like i planned that.

Plus i feel that bitter feelings provoke the best kind of humor.... truthful. See Maddox.Xmission.

And just for those wanting a piece of cheerful Jeff, coming up in the next few blogs is "Jeff's List of Best Albums Ever." Put in your suggestions now, cause i know i'm going to forget some.

There better not be any "U2's, Rufus Wainright's or Rolling Stones Albums in the Suggestion Box."


MotherOf3Guys said...

You make a mother proud! I love you either bitter or sweet!

Jerry said...

I like the bitterness. I have a lot of it as well. I espcially agree with Maddox on Offing Yourself and Beating Your Kids.

Michal said...

Greatest Album list suggestion:
Celine Dion- "All The Way...A Decade of Song".

Nothing but the classics.

Grumpy Ump said...

Chicago 1
Chicago 2

The Very Best of Sam and Dave.

The Ultimate Otis.

Meet The Beatles

Loggins and Messina Live ( Double Album)

The Blues Brothers

The Owens Bros Christmas Living Room Recordings

OBB3 Snipets