Saturday, February 11, 2006

Jeff's Favorite Albums.

(Warning: Long Post)

First of all let me describe some basic rules of a good album in my opinion. These rules are not really rules, just guidlines... in other words, there can be a few exceptions to still have a good album. First off, you gotta be able to listen to the whole cd without "skipping ahead." Now most albums have 1 song you skip. this is acceptable. You could skip it for pacing reasons, or because it's just a clusterfuck of a song...(See DSOTM below). Some songs can be skipped on feeling alone, like "Maybe Today" on Echo Echo. Good song, just kinda have to be in the mood for that type of song. Anyways, without further adeu, adoo, uhdew, My favorite albums in no particuar order:

Guster - Lost and Gone Forever.
This album is the quintessential Guster album, the first "real" album of theirs because there isn't a single percuission that's played with a stick on the entire album. Guster all the way. Goldfly and Parachute are both on the list, but i'm not going to comment on every single good album, maybe in a later edition. Just know that i still love both of them and can stay in my CD player in my car for long periods.

Guster - Keep It Together.
If you notice i didn't mention this album in the previous paragraph. This is because KIT needs to be addressed on its own. The transition from LAGF to KIT is truely amazing. These guys are growing and expanding in a way that i've never heard before. When bands start trying new things, usually they suck ass. (See DMB - Everyday). Not these guys. This album has a place in my heart forever. This CD was in my CD player in my car for at LEAST 10 months straight. And I don't listen to the radio. Tom still hasn't taken his out of his car. granted he has a 6 disk cd player, but none the less, still amazing. I will be listening to this album until i die.

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon.
I first heard a pink floyd song at the beginning of last summer. Tom was so excited about a dvd he had watched with his buddy that talks about the making of this album and he fell in love with the album and shared the wealth. Funny what happens when you listen to some music other people like...Tom wouldn't know what that's about at all. Dane Cook Bitch. Anyways, I first listened to this album on a fairway mower, and i fell in love with this album immediately. i listened to it twice through. The Clocks in Time about made me fall off the machine TWICE, but i loved it still. This album flows through every second that is on the cd. This album is an ALBUM, not a collection of songs that happen to be on the same cd. Some notable songs: Time, Money. Both of these songs have kick ass guitar solos in them. And Mike rocks them out better than i could ever. Nothing beats the feeling i get when mike finishes the solo to Money in the basement or at the OBB. It's like winning a championship. You should try it. it's addicting.

DMB - every album up to Before These Crowded Streets.
I guess I can attribute this one to Mike as well. He got me into dave, and I thank him for it. This band has a firm part to my middle-high school days. I guage how old i am in memories by what song i was listening to at the time. This also goes for the next album(s) on the list.

Barenaked Ladies - Gordon.
File this one under the "I can listen to all of this band's music" category. Gordon is still my favorite cause it's not as weird as the later stuff gets, but i still love all of these albums. I used to fall asleep to Stunt during my late-middle school years and wake up to a living room full of friends ready to "walk" to Metz. Of course Steve was always late and met us with his mom halfway down richmond ave. But she usually drove us the rest of the way when that happened so it was a win-win situation. In fact, i remember cutting through our backyard neighbor's house and trying to be the last in the convoy cause the same damn spider kept building her web where we walked. I know it was steve, drew, julia, dina, and myself. Ortiz might have been there too, i can't remember. Oh good times. ok back to music.

John Mayer - Room For Squares.
I'm almost embarrassed to admit this one, but the kid knows how to record an album. He might be a huge tool, but 83 rocks my socks off. Heavier Things is a good album too but i still think RFS is better. City Love into 83 into 3x5. I saw John Mayer live. I wasn't impressed. even more of a tool than i had previously thought. but his albums still kick ass. trust me.

Carbon Leaf - Echo Echo.
This is the only carbon leaf album i have. I want more. I just saw them live again on thursday and i knew like 3 songs, but it was an excellent concert. Their use of the penny whistle is perfect. Mary Mac's mother's making Mary Mac marry me, My mother's making me marry Mary Mac. YES, YES, Y-E-S.

Phish - The Story of the Ghost.
Think DSOTM but with phish. awesome storyline for an album. another album as opposed to a collection of songs on a cd. If you have heard of phish, but have no clue what they sound like, let me know, cause i made the mistake of not every giving them a chance on the fact that they have a bunch of hippie, pot smoking losers for fans, but once you get through the cloud of cannabis smoke into the music, they really are genius. Not to mention Trey being one of the best guitarists on the face of the planet. They really know how to fill out a song. Trey's solos seem like they just came with the song and he isn't making up anything. Almost like they built the songs around the solo. But they didn't. They rule. I was riding down the road one day, someone hit a possum.

Brothers Creeggan - Trunks.
A little known band with the bass player and ex keyboard player from BNL who happen to be brothers with the last name Creeggan. This album is excellent with the exception of "she married a cowboy." which is slow and very "next" worthy. Kitchen Dancin' rules cause right in the middle of it, there's a kitchen appliance solo. And it's in tune too. Hit me up if you wanna hear what i'm talking about.

Beatles - Abbey Road.
How could a list like this not have the beatles on it. This album also has a section of it that Tom and i like to call the "Abbey Road Medley." but it's really the last 6 or 7 songs on the album. The first half of this album is also good with such hits as Oh Darling, I want you (she's so heavy), and Here Comes the Sun (a Mr. Owens favorite). Too bad that song has the most confusing lyrics ever. anyways, if you don't have this album, get it. Sir Paul McCartney isn't rich enough yet.

Agents of Good Roots - Needle and Thread.
Best band to never get famous. The music industry sucks because of this band not being famous and people like rufus wainright being famous. In with AGR, out with Nickleback, creed, and Lifehouse. These bands need to be shot. especially Nickleback.

Alison Krauss - Forget About It.
Another album i used to put on to fall asleep to. Alison Krauss sings like a freaking angel. Talks like man, sings like an angel, i think it's a fair trade off. I can't think of alison krauss without thinking of Laura Mays' awesome voice. Somewhere, somZZZZZZZZZ.

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - Outbound.
Banjo never sounded so good. Those of you who now don't want to hear this album because you know there's banjo in it, you need to get a life. Cause this is the most talented band on the face of the planet. Where else can you get 4 virtuosos on stage together making the most jaw dropping music you've ever heard. These guys give the best concerts in the world. My top 3 favorite shows were all 3 Bela Fleck shows i've been to. Trust me, they're that good. Just google victor wooten.

Blues Brothers - The Soundtrack
The most kick ass soul band on the face of the planet. This one is in honor of Dad. Even the Aretha Franklin song on the album is good. That's right i said aretha franklin and good in the same sentence. RAWHIDE!

Jason Mraz - Waiting for my Rocket to Come.
Holy Sexual Innuendo Batman! This album is good mainly because the drums and bass are done my AGR's bassist and drummer. Not to mention that Jason Mraz has an incredible voice. But he need to shut it the hell up, you can't get through 10 seconds of this album without hearing his voice. I'm serious, prove me wrong. Other than that, awesome album. Favorite Line (Too much food) : " ...My stomach's smaller than my eyes so i went to see the doctor and she said turn my head and cough, i didn't listen to what she said, instead i couldn't wait to get off." The best part about it is that most people don't even catch it... I didn't until like the 3rd or 4th time i heard it.

Justin - Ate
His famous eighth album. This is a lyrical genius at work here. With such hits as Big Fan Base in Texas, Superman's Bathroom, Nflgjlvkgjo, Buddah on a Chain, The Light, and Friday, how could it not make the list. It also has his "two minute epic going on three."

Maroon 5 - Songs About Jane
This album has been out since my freshman year. It's time for a new album already. That being said, this album kicks ass. I go through Maroon 5 phases where they are all i want to listen to. But i'm ready for a new album already. so do it.

Norah Jones - Come Away With Me
Best chill album on the planet in my opinion. Excellent to fall asleep to. not a very good album for driving though.

That's it for now. Now that's it's an hour later in your life, i hope you've enjoyed it.

I must thank my family for most of these artists and albums cause most of these bands i acquired from one of them, with a few exceptions. So if you like this list, thank my brothers. if you don't, make your own list for me to hate. haha. Oh and Tom, LISTEN TO DANE COOK YOU BASTARD.


Justin said...

thanks for the shoutout.
give these albums a listen if you want to expand:

1. Son Volt - Trace
2. Drive-By Truckers - Decoration Day
3. My Morning Jacket - It Still Moves
4. Old 97's - Too Far To Care
5. Whiskeytown - Stranger's Almanac
6. Wilco - Being There

neva said...

If I say WOW I have never heard of most of these I guess you could say it is my age showing. Very Impressive list...not sure I'll listen to them all but one never knows.

MotherOf3Guys said...

Ok, so I do know most of these albums because I lived in the same house with the musical O-Bros (Owens Brothers). (I still call them the wasted talent in the basement.) They play some selections from most of the albums listed. Speaking as their Mom, I think they are pretty darn good! Without the O-Bros playing these songs, I wouldn't have known many on this list. I have one exception that you left out... and that is George Strait's Strait Out of the Box. You just can't make a list of all time favorites with George! My only request at this point, is that I would like to hear some of those classic BNL or DMB songs played by the O-Bros again! I agree that Mike rocks on his solos, and Tom has become quite the bassist, with Jeff smokin' on the drums. I am constantly amazed at the different musical styles that you all like...Have to really thank your dad for that musical exposure.

Mamaw said...

What is a clusterfuck?

Jeff said...

It's basically a bunch of things balled together in no particular pattern or order... like throwing all your toys into a box. sure it's a lot of fun things, but together it's just a big mess.

Justin said...

to his grandma?! wash his mouth out with soap Mamaw!

Jessy said...

Where's the David Gray?


P.S. Are you cheating on me with Norah Jones again?