Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Why Blogs Rule.

I think the reason so many people enjoy reading blogs is that you get an insight into who the person is and what he/she's thinking (from now on i'll use "he" so don't think i forgot about the female bloggers people). Even if the entry is a sentence long. Even if it's not even a sentence, you still feel rewarded for clicking on the link. It's like you would never get an in depth perspective on one's thoughts on a subject if you sat there and talked with them. For example, why mother hates hot dogs so much. i just knew she didn't like them. and that she had them a lot. who would of thought she could write a whole page on it? But that's what's great about this, is that you can beat a dead horse into the ground with analysis.

There are some occasions where you will in fact go into depth on why you put soap on the right side of the sink... but these are few and far between. I know that i can have a deeply, non-meaningful conversation on stupid things with a few of my friends where we examine EVERY angle on why Fox has the best TV shows around. i mean seriously folks, House, 24, Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons, The O.C., Prison Break, American Idol.

I mean seriously folks... what do the other stations got? Not to mention that fox is in HD too... but that doesn't matter while i'm at school since i'm on NTC's monopoly of internet/phone/cable. I don't have an HD tv either. But that's beside the point. the point is you are still thinking about how I put the O.C. in that list. Just making sure you're paying attention. If you like the O.C. and you are a male... FIND A NEW SHOW TO WATCH WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND. And stop listening to Rufus Wainwright.

If you were offended by this post, slam your head against your desk. it'll make you feel better i promise.


MotherOf3Guys said...

I think blogs rule, too! I can't believe I actually have a blog but I like the randomness (is that a word?) of all the topics. It is fun to read and get to know what the blogger is thinking...Yeah,I love House too!!!...not a big fan of the OC but House RULES! LOVE YOU!

Cheryl said...

who watches the OC!