Monday, February 06, 2006

Fun Times.

Don't tell me you'll hang out tomorrow when you wont. If you say you'll hang out and something comes up, at least throw me a line. I feel like all i'm trying to do is get in touch with people to hang out and no one answers phones, no one calls back, no one answers ims. Only my friends who are not near blacksburg answer phones and messages.

On a lighter note, i need a jam with my brothers, or i need a drumset down here, either or. Cause all i want to do is play drums, maybe practice some stuff, but all i can do here is play guitar. which is alright cause i'll get better at guitar, but i've decided that playing drums is my favorite musical activity. if i could only find a way to practice while at school, i think i'd improve more. Maybe some drum lessons could help my technique out cause i know my mechanics are minimal at best.

Is it annoying that i capitalize the beginning of some sentences and others i don't? just a thought.


MotherOf3Guys said...

Can't wait to see the boys and hear the jam!

Michal said...

I would appreciate it if you don't get any better at guitar please. I'm already the worst guitar player in the family. you don't have to rub it in. It's bad for my ego.

Grumpy Ump said...

Excuse me... I do not think that the others want to try to put down the kind of licks you laid down at the last OBB.. And by the way... you are not the worst guitar player in the family. Think about it.

Grumpy Ump said...

That was responce to michal said.