Wednesday, January 25, 2006


As i we recently reading my aunt's blog about bowling and her love of the game, i was reminded of my love for the game. I have been bowling with family and friends for as long as i can remember. Although the first couple years of being in an all age, family league all i remember is wanting to play arcade games. Minus my first ever game over 100. I remember being so excited about it cause the team we were bowling was very serious about the league with a low handicap. Because i was so young, my average was maybe 50.... on a good day. so when i bowled 100, my handicap kicked in and we destroyed them.

Now that i'm in college i have been in many a leagues. but since i only bowl when i'm in blacksburg, i can never seem to improve much past where i'm at. which i'm fine with. cause i know that i'm gonna have a huge game here. My goal is to make it up on the 250+ banner in the Breakzone. I've been pushing for it since i've been bowling here and the closest i got was a 234. The funny thing about 250 is, you have to string together strikes like it's your job. and when i get 4-6 strikes in a row, it's almost guaranteed that i'll throw a 7-10 split to end the streak. Just ask jon. or steve.

Anyways, i really enjoy bowling down here and i've made a huge number of friends just by being "that crazy guy who dances when he gets a strike." I know all the people who work in the Breakzone and actually have influence on the league and stuff like that. (jon and i are bugging the head guy to push the league from tuesday to wednesday so he can bowl with us.)

Anyways. 250 is the goal. the lanes have been in great condition these past few days due to a new oil machine they picked up over break. that makes me happy and confident i'll be able to achieve my goal this semester.

P.S. there are a lot of blogs i read, anyone who reads this can probably figure out which ones i read due to who comments on here but just so you people dont feel left out cause i only put 1 blog link in this update, here goes.



MotherOf3Guys said...

Ok, so I thought you had a different goal for this semester....? Anyway, I know you will work hard at all your goals and be successful! P.S you were really cute dancing as a 5 year old at the bowling alley!! Some things never change!

neva said...

so when we go bowling together, whose dance do you think will be the most impressive???