Friday, January 20, 2006

Class Rhymes with Ass.

After finishing my first week of class, i've come to one conclusion:

I should have never been an engineer.

Even though i've only not been a student engineer for about a week, i already dig the classes i'm in. so far i haven't had to use a calculator ONCE. Not to mention actually being interested in what the professor has to say... so much so that i didn't sleep in class ONCE.

I rule.

I like where this semester is going already. It's as if college is more like college now and not like hell. Cause hell sucks. it sucks real bad. kinda like death. Just listen to The Underside of Vomit (How I Became An Ostrich) and you'll know.

...oh you know.

1 comment:

neva said...

I am sooo glad you like your classes and hell has become a thing of your past.