Saturday, January 07, 2006


So as of right now, i'm about done with World of Warcraft, maybe a couple of errands to help my brother, but i'm about sick of the game..... again. maybe in a couple months that will change again. I want to do something different with my life other than just work, computer, work, computer. Fun, sure is... meaningful in the long run.... probably not. I've been playing less and less guitar and drums recently, and i think i'm ready to write another song. Dad inspired of course... that man comes up with some great song ideas and i think i'm going to take him up on this one. Anyways, i'm back to school in a couple days and i'm excited. It feels like the first day of freshman year all over again. other than the fact that i'm living in an apartment and I'm single now. oh yeah, for all those that didn't hear, i'm single. yay me. so i'm off to write that hit song that i was talking about... sorry about talking about like 10 things rapid-fire.

Dane Cook Quote i've been saying in my head all day: "Has anyone seen my shoes? I kicked them off in a fit of joy."

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