Thursday, January 19, 2006

People are dumb.

So yesterday i'm pulling out of a parking lot with my friend jon riding shotgun. There's a light to my left which has built up a lot of cars which are trying to get through the light... I am turning right luckily so i don't have to deal with the traffic trying to go left..... or so i thought.

So after i look to my left for cars coming, i begin to turn right. As i'm turning i look in the direction where i'm going and there happens to be a car IN MY LANE going the wrong direction. So i do what most of us naturally do in this situation, and honk my horn and give them the evil eye. And this woman has the nerve to look pissed at me for honking...

Let's recap, she's in the wrong lane, going the wrong direction to jump in front of maybe 6-7 cars waiting for the same light that she is. And apparently this is my fault for honking at her... This is the kind of SHIT that makes me want to stab people in their jaws.

All it took was for me to think of an awesome comedian to calm my nerves once again... thank you dane cook for having a bit on stupid drivers.

"Even if the accident is clearly not your fault, the guy in the other car ALWAYS gets out his car and looks at you like it is your fault. 'WHY DID YOU STOP AT A LEGAL RED LIGHT AND LET ME HIT YOU DOING 80!?!?'"

thank you dane cook for making me laugh my way out of a fiery rage of fury.


Tom said...

You should've death coiled that bitch. Maybe a bit of conflagration.

Jeff said...

death coil is alright, i should've just chain feared it though... bitches hate that... which is why i love it.

neva said...

There is nothing worse than being the cautious drivers we are and have some jackass cause the insurance to go up. the NERVE of some women oops I mean people.