Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Couple other Bad Songs.

Rufus Wainwright.
If you like this tool, and we are friends, i will seriously consider not being your friend anymore. This guy being famous is just a failure of america's listening habits. How anyone can stand to listen to this guy is beyond my comprehension. I cannot begin to fathom how ANYONE would WILLFULLY listen to this guy. Some bands don't have good studio albums, but kick ass live. Some bands suck ass live, but had kick ass studio albums*. Rufus Wainwright sounds just as bad live as he does on recordings. Vomit inducing actually. I know this cause i've heard a couple studio songs, and he opened up for Guster once. The only thing worse than rufus wainwright is rufus wainwrights fans. please stop supporting this no talent ass clown.

*Third Eye Blind, John Mayer.


MotherOf3Guys said...

Ok... so I guess my age is showing....I don't know who Rufus Wainwight is...but if you don't like him, then I don't like him either...so there!

neva said...

I am so with your mom....who??? and if you don't...you betcha I don't!

Tom said...


This guy is the worst musician alive, hands down.