Monday, January 16, 2006


It was brought to my attention by one of my co-workers at the World of Weggy, that there is a more popular question by customers.... so i hereby resubmit that "Do you have more eggs?" is now #6, and without further delay...

#5. Do you have Whipping Cream?

Of course the answer is yes.
It is labeled "Heavy Cream".... But most people don't want heavy cream, they want whipping cream. kinda like changing a reservation from 7:45 to quarter til 8 if you know what i'm saying.... don't trust the guy who works in the dairy and gets asked this question day in and day out.

This is of course another question i answer "in my pants baby." to hot ladies.

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Tom said...

Questions that Jeff may also have answered with "in my pants, baby":

-Where should I get some gas?

-Where should I place my hands on the steering wheel while driving, 10 and 2...or 9 and 3?

-How would you like your coffee?

-What is the fastest way to get to Cleveland?

-Where did you watch the last episode of 24?

-Do you know the location Mozart's grave?

-What's that smell?

-Paper or Plastic?

-Where was the last place you took a dump?

-Where would you suggest I look to find a very small penis?

Feel free to add other questions...